“Destined to become a CEO”

Romanian girl
Irina Eva Ianko. Born: 1991 in Romania. August 2010- January 2014: BA in International Sales and Marketing Management, VIA University College. July-December 2013: Corporate Sales and Business Development Specialist (internship), Involar Corporation Ltd., Shanghai, China. Thesis: “Today’s business with tomorrow’s strategy”. Award: 2014 Christian M. Østergaard’s grant (VIA University College)
During a six month internship in Shanghai, Irina Eva Ianko was so successful at boosting business for the Chinese company Involar, that her manager predicts she’ll become a top international executive.

“I hope you don’t mind that I steal her from your university,” writes Rui Rodrigues in an email to VIA University College. 

Sales and Marketing Manager at the Chinese company Involar, Rui Rodrigues has offered a full time job to Irena Eva Ianko, who in December 2013 finished a six month internship at Involar. 

During her stay at Involar, which produces technology for the solar energy industry, Eva (as she is called) developed a new marketing strategy for the European market, held sales meetings with top international clients, and boosted cooperation between Involar and its largest customers. 

Bachelor thesis led to new marketing strategies

“Eva did so well as an intern that we gave her the highest responsibility an employee could get, which is meeting our most important customers face to face,” says Rui Rodrigues. 

Eva’s simultaneous work on her bachelor thesis led her to suggest new marketing strategies that Involar has now adopted. 

“Our discussions about marketing strategies led me to change the focus of the whole company,” says Rodrigues. 

Despite an offer to move to Shanghai for a full-time job at Involar, a company on the list of top 10 most innovative companies in China, Eva is currently back in Denmark. She finished her BA, and won VIA’s Christian M. Østergaard Grant for her thesis. 

Scandinavia is the best place to study 

However, the 23-year-old Romanian may not be ready to move to China yet. Moving back to Romania is not an option either, as Eva’s ambitions involve an international career. 

 “I want to do a master’s degree and consider Scandinavia the best place to study,” she says. 

While looking to apply for a master’s programme, Eva works for Involar in Europe. And she does not regret moving to China for her internship. “Gaining international experience is very important to my career. And China is an important market, also for Danish companies,” says Eva, who is thankful for the teachers and mentors she had at VIA. 

Mentors are a source of inspiration 

“They are a powerful source of inspiration in my life. I’ll never forget the place where I grew. Denmark and VIA are the parents for my professional life,” she says. 

Eva left Romania to study in at VIA in Horsens, Denmark, when she was 18 years old. “I thought studying abroad was the best choice for me. I decided on Denmark because it’s considered a safe country, which was important to my parents,” says Eva. 

Whether or not she will end up taking a job with Involar and moving to Shanghai, the company is thankful for the time, she was there. 

“Thank you for training such dedicated and skilled people. Please send us more interns of this calibre,” says Rui Rodrigues in an email to VIA University College.

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