Fashion which engages and moves

A girl dressed in a design from VIA Design
12 upcoming designers from the Fashion Design programme at VIA Teko Design & Business, showed their creations at Copenhagen Fashion Week in a show called “Connecting”.

They have all been working very hard to create a unique show and were pleased to present it to many interested spectators. 

“It is very important that our designers know how to network and create relations with the business. The most powerful people today are those who are capable to interact with and move people – they are today's influencer’s,” Teko’s head of design, Ingrid Søe, emphasizes and she continues: 

“It is my hope that our graduated designers capture the business with a straight back and make an impression with their creative and innovative ideas.” 

The show took place Friday 31st January at the City Hall in Copenhagen. 

Designers’ Nest 

Three of the designers were also chosen to participate at Designers’ Nest – a show that took place Friday 31st January at Lokomotivværkstedet at the VISION fair. 

The three designers were Lea Hedegaard, Lise Weisbjerg Dahl and Camilla Damkjær. The fashion fair VISION is behind Designers’ Nest – a showplatform for the Nordic design schools. The first prize is 50,000 DKK and a stand at the following VISION fair. 

Further information

Please contact: Head of Design Ingrid Søe
T: 87 55 05 56

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