Fine proposals for the renovation of FÆNGSLET

Students from VIA University College
30 students from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme at VIA Campus Horsens have worked on renovation proposals for parts of FÆNGSLET (the former Horsens State Prison) in Horsens. Friday 15 June, the proposals were presented at a reception at FÆNGSLET, and the projects will be exhibited at FÆNGSLET in week 25 & 26.

In 2006, the last prisoner was transferred from FÆNGSLET in Horsens. Since then, FÆNGSLET has worked as a cultural institution, which has provided the setting for a wide range of activities. Among other things, a prison museum has been established, and concerts are regularly held. The buildings, of which the first is from the year 1853, are no longer keeping with the time, and FÆNGSLET will therefore soon face a large-scale renovation work. 

We gain a lot from this 

It is not the first time that Director of FÆNGSLET, Claus Pettersson, has worked with students from VIA in terms of renovating these parts of the prison. And it will not be the last time: "We have collaborated with the students before, and we always gain a lot from these collaborations. In many different ways, they are able to target the thoughts about the renovation, which we ourselves have considered. And when I see the projects, which they have shown us today, I often catch myself thinking; oh right that is also a way to do it – regardless of whether the proposals deal with parking regulations or new roofs", Claus explains and continues: 

"The students have based their work on a very practical and pragmatic perspective. This makes their proposals more tangible and easier for us to realise. And there will be elements of the proposals which I have seen today that will become realised when we truly begin renovating". 

An actual project 

The students worked on their projects in groups. And after the groups had presented their projects to Claus Pettersson and a panel of judges, the two best proposals were awarded. The first prize was given to Adam Smith, Petri Mah-Chut and Phillip Dixon, who first of all were praised for having presented a fine and well-researched project, where they had been aware of many details related to the renovation process: "What was good about the project was the fact that it was an actual project. FÆNGLSET is actually going to start renovating, which made it a very tangible project. And it has been fun to work on a project which is going to be realised compared to working on a theoretical project. We have had a very practical approach, and we have always focused on what is actually possible in reality. One of the things, which we have been very aware of, was the choice of material. Because when you are renovating something, you need to consider the building's origin, and how this fits in with the given settings", Adam, Petri and Phillip explain. 

Great motivation 

According to Benny Leon Olsen, lecturer at the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme and initiator of the project, it has been a fun and educational project to become involved in. Not least because of the students' motivation: "We have noticed that when the students work on a project such as FÆNGSLET, then their motivation and level of involvement is sky-high. The high level of involvement is created when they get the chance to work for a real client, who has a tangible project", Benny explains. 

One of the things which Benny and the other lecturers involved in the project have tried to impress upon the students was to keep focus on the client's wishes. It is the wishes and needs of the client which needs to be fulfilled. And they were. Claus Pettersson was indeed both happy and grateful that the students to such a degree had understood how to fulfil the needs and settings created for the project.

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