Furniture designers from VIA captures Oslo

VIA icon Road
7 newly graduated furniture designers from TEKO, VIA UC, were invited to participate at the popular furniture fair Designers Saturday in Oslo in September.

The talented designers were spotted when they exhibited their final exam products at the furniture fair in Stockholm in February. The design company, Randers + Radius, was so enthusiastic about their products that it invited them to exhibit together with them in their showroom in Oslo. 

"What the young designers from VIA University have presented is innovative and above all it is good craftsmanship. We are pleased to invite them to Oslo so more people will get to know the Danish talents," says Michael Petersen from Randers + Radius. 

It is about being seen 

The young designers do not doubt that it is about being seen. Since the furniture fair in Stockholm they have been mentioned very often on international blogs and more of their products have been showed in the Danish lifestyle magazine RUM and in Børsen.  

"It is so great that we have had the possibility to show our products at another furniture fair," says the new designer Signe Hytte and she continues: "Here you are seen and you have the possibility to pass on the story of your design and in this way give life to it and create invaluable network." 

A different furniture fair 

Designers Saturday is the only furniture fair in Norway. It is a different one as the exhibitors are not gathered under one roof. Instead in all Oslo there are more than 30 showrooms and the visitors are transported free of charge in busses from one showroom to another.