Great turnout for the first Graduates’ Day

Graduates’ Day has been developed as a service for VIA’s Danish and international students.
Graduates’ Day has been developed as a service for VIA’s Danish and international students.
Danish and international graduates got information about the labour market

For the first time, on Thursday, 8 December, a Graduates’ Day was held at VIA Campus Aarhus C. The day provided coming Danish and international graduates with information and inspiration and helped prepare them for the labour market.

Graduates’ Day has been developed as a service for VIA’s Danish and international students who will soon complete their educational programmes at Campus Aarhus C. There are many issues that come to the fore when you are standing on the threshold of the labour market or might want to educate yourself further. 

Therefore, unemployment insurance funds, trade unions, job centres and representatives from various universities, who provided information about post-graduate opportunities, were invited to exhibit at Graduates’ Day. The students also had the opportunity to attend a presentation about selling yourself and several alumni gave talks about how they entered the labour market.

Help to get on the career ladder

CA, career partner and an unemployment insurance fund for the highly educated, was one of the representatives at the Graduates’ Day mini exhibition, and Nanna Holm Jacobsen was ready to answer the students’ questions and give them good advice: 

“We are here to talk about what we can offer students, but also to provide them with more general information. Not all students are aware, for example, of the difference between an unemployment insurance fund and a trade union,” says Nanna Holm Jacobsen and continues:

“One of the things we try to remind students about is that they must join an unemployment insurance fund before they graduate in order to have the right to unemployment benefits when they graduate. But we also make them aware that we do not only act as a fund; we are also a career partner who can help them succeed in their careers”.

A challenge to reflect
Among the offers on Graduates’ Day was an opportunity to attend a presentation, in both Danish and English, about selling yourself, which was given by career counsellor Susanne Søes Hejlsvig. To say it was a success is to put it mildly: the students were almost standing on top of each other to hear the good career advice.

Some of that advice included Susanne Søes Hejlsvig challenging the students to reflect on their own situation: what is important to them when they are on the threshold of the labour market and need to apply for jobs? Is it salary, status, opportunities for development or something completely different?

Whatever the motives are, it is crucial to recognise them and relate to them pointed out Susanne Søes Hejlsvig. And it is vital that you do some thinking about what kind of employee you are and will become.

Easy to get information
One of the students who attended Graduates’ Day was Louise Rasmussen who is graduating as a teacher in the summer. She heard Susanne Søes Hejlsvig’s presentations, was interested in hearing an alumnus speak and she wanted to hear about the Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology that representatives from AAU were there to talk about: “I think Graduates’ Day is a great idea. Everything has been gathered under one roof and it was easy for me to get the information I needed without having to travel to a lot of different places. It’s also more informal this way and I like that,” explains Louise Rasmussen and stresses:

“It’s always exciting to get to know about what opportunities you have. And it has also been good to get some input into how to sell yourself and the importance of asking yourself some questions about who you are and what you want”.

Good help for the students
The VIA Business Career Service Centre, along with all the educational programmes from Campus C, organised Graduates’ Day. And it is always with some trepidation that an event – which is hoped to become an annual one – is held for the first time: 

“We were, of course, nervous, because we didn’t really know how many Danish and international students we could attract. But we’ve been good at collaborating around the event, and I’m happy that so many students have attended,” says Career Service Centre consultant, Louise Skjoldager Søren with relief in her voice.

She concludes: “The most important thing is that we help both Danish and international students find answers to some of the issues they are facing on the threshold of the labour market. And if we can also inspire them a little and help them to be more work ready, then I would say that Graduates’ Day has lived up to its obligation.”

If you would like to know more please contact

Louise Skjoldager Sørensen
Career Service Centre Consultant
T: +45 87 55 40 15