Learning by making makes good learners

A Young man gives a speech
According to LEGO Education, playing with toys – such as LEGOs – can help children become better learners.

"When children get their hands on things, they get their heads in it too," says Han Dongchuan, senior trainer at Lego Education in China. 

He was among the presenters at a seminar on early childhood learning held on Denmark Day in Chengdu, September 25th. 

"LEGO Education believes happiness increases children's ability to learn. So we make children play and solve problems creatively in order to make them develop and become good learners," Han Dongchuan says. 

In a kindergarten in Shanghai, children were asked to build the Great Wall of China and the Chinese pavilion from Expo 2010. 

Every child should succeed 

Although the innovation and education arm of the Danish global toy company builds its ideas on universal principles and standards, LEGO Education adapts projects locally. In China, the organization works with educational institutions and Chinese authorities to set up innovation centers around the country. 

"Today, we have 400 innovation labs in China. Here, we invite children age 3 to 11 as well as teachers from preschools, elementary schools, junior high and high schools to test our world class teaching programmes. We aim to help children develop their abilities by arousing their curiosity. Our goal is to enable every child to succeed," says Han Dongchuan.

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