Study abroad is a valuable experience

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Zhen Wang missed her family. But the experience of another culture has been worth it
Seven Chinese students are among the first teams that have taken a Double Degree - A professional BA degree from both a Danish and a Chinese university. For Zhen Wang it has been an instructive stay

"In Denmark we are closer to the teachers than we are China. Here we can just ask questions and discuss the subject on an equal footing. There is no hierarchy and everyone has an equal say. It's a good way to learn, I think," says Zhen Wang. 

She is among the first Chinese students who have taken a Double Degree respectively Changzhou Institute of Technology and Social Education at Social Education in Aarhus, VIA University College. 

Inspiration from another culture 

Zhen is happy that she chose to finish her education with a stay in Denmark. Even though she missed her family during the years she has lived in Aarhus, it has been a great opportunity to learn about another culture. And it has been a valuable educational experience. 

"In China I hope to get to work at an international school. It is very valuable that I have tried to live in another culture and know what it means. I think it has been a gift to have studied in another country," say Zhen Wang. Who, immediately after returning to China, got a job as a pre-school teacher in Changzou. 

Translated by James Doherty, Cambridge