Talent programme provided students with new opportunities

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The Danish and International Marketing Management programmes at VIA Campus Horsens have established a talent programme for students, who are willing to dedicate an extra effort. The talent programme has been developed in collaboration with approx. 20 companies, who each with be affiliated with a talented student.

The purpose of the talent programme is to provide the students with more opportunities of developing their collaboration with the business sector. In that way, the companies will get a chance to mould the students and provide them with competencies that can help the students qualify for dealing with the challenges of the future labour market. 

An effort out of the ordinary 

Programme Coordinator, Bo Leervad Christensen, from the Marketing Management programme is the initiator of the talent programme. He is excited by the new programme for the students: ”The idea behind the talent programme actually came from the students themselves. We often experience students who are very dedicated and motivated wanting us to give them challenges that are not a part of their curriculum. And it was a clear choice to develop the talent programme in collaboration with the business sector, as we indeed focus on developing and carrying out our study programmes in close collaboration with the companies and organisations employing our students after graduation. The collaboration will provide the talented students with an opportunity to develop themselves. At the same time, the companies will benefit from the abilities of the talented students”. 

20 companies 

”The idea is”, Bo Leervad Christensen explains: ”that the companies who want to become involved in the talent programme will begin with having a student affiliated with the company combined with a mentor and trainee arrangement for one day a week for one year – beginning in the spring semester 2013. At that time, the students will be on their second and third semester. This will hopefully turn into a stepping stone for the students allowing them to become affiliated with the company fulltime during their work placement on the fourth semester”. Right now, Bo Leervad Christensen is working on talking to potential companies, who want to participate in the programme and be a part of moulding the talent of the future. The goal is to recruit 20 companies. An information meeting will be held Thursday 27 June from 8.00-10.00. Here, the structure of the talent programme will be presented to the companies, and there will be room for asking questions and adjusting expectations. 

Development opportunities 

Each year, there are almost 150 students enrolled on the Danish and International Marketing Management programmes. About 20 of them will get the chance to become a part of the talent programme. But for Bo Leervad Christensen, it is NOT about dividing the students into A and B teams. Instead, it is about providing all students with development opportunities during their studies: 

”We have committed ourselves to provide our students with challenges that can help develop them. And we have students who set the bar very high for themselves and who are determined and ambitious in terms of learning new things. We should accommodate these students and set the framework which will allow them to get the most out of their talent. The students who begin their studies in August 2013 will be the first to have the opportunity to join the talent programme. The selection process will partly take place during the semester, where we will pay attention to those who are most engaged. In addition, the students will have to make a portfolio, which we will assess. Last but not least, they must send us an application, where they must state the reasons for why they want to become a part of the talent programme”. 

More information 

If you have questions related to the talent programme, please contact Programme Coordinator, Bo Leervad Christensen
T: +45 8755 4416. 

If your company would like to participate in the information meeting (non-binding), please send an email to Helle Elling Rasmussen
E: her@via.dk