Talents from VIA show resilience in future-proof exhibition

Crutches in landscape
Crutches made of wood in landscape - by Anker Bak.
We live in a world with more and more social and environmental challenges. Under these circumstances, how can we as designers allow ourselves to keep designing and manufacturing new products? During Milan Design Week 2015, students and graduates from VIA School of Business Technology and Creative Industries will give their take on this in a large joint exhibition entitled 'Resilience - Future Resources, Future Living'.

When Milan Design Week 2015 kicks off on 14 April, the doors of the Camper building in Ventura Lambrate also open up to a spectacular exhibition with an important focal point. At the exhibition, 100 students, graduates and teachers from VIA will showcase 50 projects which in different ways explore and seek to address some of the world’s future social and environmental challenges. 

Future designers must take responsibility 

With the theme 'Resilience - Future Resources, Future Living' VIA’s exhibition is about challenging the status quo and seeing opportunities in the social and environmental changes of our constantly changing world. The exhibition focuses on how we as humans can take responsibility for the issues of the world and how we can be flexible and adapt to new circumstances - whether it is about climatic conditions, lack of available resources or technological development. 

"At VIA School of Business Technology and Creative Industries, we are working with subjects that are about developing new things all the time. But how can we justify continuing to create new things in a world where the environment is under that much pressure by, for instance, increasing pollution? We can do that, if we as designers take responsibility and not just design news things for the sake of the new. And we can do it if what we create is better than the existing, and if we try to address specific problems in design solutions. And that is exactly what we are doing with this exhibition." - Eva Paarmann, lecture, VIA Design, Furniture. 

An adaptable, mobile and flexible exhibition design 

At the 700 square meter exhibition, you can experience design solutions from the fields of Design, Engineering, Built Environment, Film & Transmedia and Business. The exhibition showcases everything from furniture, fashion collections and assistive technology to urban gardening, graphic design, film and virtual reality. 

The wide range of subject areas distinguishes the exhibition from many of the other exhibiting schools at Milan Design Week, and the overall theme 'Resilience', ensures a coherent experience for the visitors. This theme has created the basis for a design exhibition that is both diverse and exhaustive. 

For the exhibitors from VIA, the concept of 'Resilience' is closely related to concepts such as adaptability, mobility and flexibility, which will be reflected in the exhibition design. During the exhibition, the Camper warehouse will evoke associations to urbanism and productive industry with partitions made of scaffolding and other creative materials. 

Sustainability is about a change in attitude and behaviour

Karen Lundmark Jakobsen is one of the students represented at VIA’s exhibition. With the chair 'Weave' she wishes to break with the 'use-and-throw-away' culture. The chair is designed as a steel frame that the consumers must complete themselves. When the exhibition opens, there will only be a bare frame, and as the exhibition progresses, the chair will be padded with various recycled fabrics. By Karen and by visitors who want to get involved. 

"For me, the theme 'Resilience' is very much about sustainability. And sustainability is about changing both attitudes and behaviour. It is easy to buy a finished product, but I would like to engage people. And with my chair, the consumer has to work to make it comfortable to sit on. Action creates resilience."- Karen Lundmark Jakobsen, student, VIA Design, Furniture. 

The Weave chair is just one of many examples of innovative and resilient design project that can be experienced at VIA's exhibition 'Resilience - Future Resources, Future Living' during the Milan Design Week. 

Exhibition details 

  • Exhibition Address Camper, Via P. Oslavia 3, Lambrate, Milan 
  • Opening days Tuesday 14 April to Sunday 19 April 2015 
  • Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm Evening open Wednesday 15 April to 10pm 


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