VIA Band playing at KulisseLageret

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Friday, 22nd of May at 8 p.m., Student Band Event will be held for the first time at KulisseLageret in Horsens. One of the bands playing at the event will be VIA Band – and they are ready to rock!

The Student Band Event is the result of a partnership between VIA University College, Horsens Ny Teater and KulisseLageret. The goal is to create a common meeting point for musicians from the educational institutions in Horsens. 

Anette Foged Schultz , Student Chaplain at Campus Horsens, is the main drive behind the establishment of VIA Band. She has also been involved in the work with Student Band Event where five bands and soloists are ready to play some great music for the audience. 

Five Band Members from Five Countries 

VIA Band is truly an international band as the band members come from five different countries. But for the five band members, Phil Chalk, Dom Uskrt, Alex Liciu, Dayana Terzieva and Art Khodov, this has not led to any challenges in terms of communicating with each other. 

“We talk English to each other. This is not a problem at all as we are used to this from our studies as well. But our different backgrounds mean that we play in different ways so it’s fun to learn from each other”, says the band, and they continue: 

“Part of what makes VIA Band special is that we are all able to play different instruments. So it’s the various music tracks that determine which instrument we each play. It’s a bit like a rotation principle.” 

Billie Jean – Instrumentally

VIA Band has in its present constellation existed two months. But the band already has a repertoire of about 15 cover songs. They play tracks from all genres – from an instrumental version of the Michael Jackson song ‘Billie Jean’ to tracks belonging to the rock genre. 

“We practice twice a week - at both Campus Horsens and KulisseLageret. And because we play music from different genres we are able to play at both discreet and louder rock events”, says the band. The band has already played at Fængslet and a concert at Kuben in Horsens has also been planned. 

“It is nice to share something which is not related to our studies. In this way, the music becomes a free space and a break where we are able to get to know each other across nationalities and study programmes.” Entrance at Student Band Event is free – read more about the concert here. 


Please contact the Student Chaplain, Anette Foged Schultz at T: +45 87 55 43 36 or E: if you want to know more about VIA Band.