VIA Band will play in China

The VIA Band
From 23-28 July, the VIA Band from Campus Horsens will participate in the Youth Music Festival in the Chinese city of Chengdu

For a number of years, the study programmes at VIA have cooperated with the university in Chengdu and in the process, Horsens and Chengdu have become official sister cities. As a result of this, the VIA Band was invited to play in Chengdu for the music festival.

The VIA Band will perform small concerts of approx. 10 minutes three-four times during the festival. The band will play instrumental tracks such as ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica, which will be played by Sergei Makarov (guitar, saxophone and piano), Kirill Karklin (drums) and Carmen Cerezo (violin).

Sergei, Kirill and Carmen will have their stay and transport expenses covered by the music festival, while the travel expenses are covered by VIA Campus Horsens. Therefore, all three are practicing 24/7 to get the tracks just right before travelling to Chengdu.

A music community

The trip will be the culmination of the band who were randomly formed at Campus Horsens in 2013. The Student Chaplain, Anette Foged Schultz, was contacted back then by Carmen Cerezo who asked if Anette knew of an orchestra that she could become a part of:

“I did not know of any orchestra. But we agreed that we would form a band and pretty quickly Carmen was in contact with two classmates and this is how the band started. We also arranged for the band to practice at Kulisselageret – a local music venue”, Anette Foged Schultz explains and continues:

“It is a band open to all students at Campus Horsens no matter what they study, what nationality they are or what they believe in. The band is simply a way of creating a sense of community with music as the connecting link”.

We improve one another

It can be a challenge to communicate with each other, when you come from different countries. But in the world of music, it can be easier to explain music with music instead of words, the members of the VIA Band explain:

“When we try to explain something to each other and words are not enough then we often try to play or sing instead. This is working out well, and we have become pretty good at improving one another”, the VIA Band points out.

The three members of the VIA Band are all exchange students, and they will therefore leave VIA during the summer. But that does not mean the end of the VIA Band. The band has indeed received a new member, Elinor Thulin Karlsson, who will get together new members during the summer.

The members decide the music genre

Elinor herself is a skilled musician, and she plays guitar and sings country, soul and pop music. Furthermore, Elinor also writes her own music. She has however not decided on a specific music genre for the future VIA Band:

”First, we need to gather some students and find out what we are all capable of. Once the band is form with all members, we can begin discussing what genre we would like to play”, Elinor explains.

The members of VIA Band are obligated to play at the night church events twice a year and in return, Anette Foged Schultz will cover the expenses of renting a practice room at Kulisselageret in Horsens.

Do you want to play in the VIA Band?

If you are a student at Campus Horsens and interested in becoming a part of the VIA Band, please contact Ellinor Thulin Karlsson on e-mail

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