VIA Campus Horsens hosts architectural conference

VIA students at Campus Horsens
In March, 2014, VIA Campus Horsens hosts four workshops that celebrate the month of architecture. The so-called MONARCH workshops are organized by Karina Armanda and Vit Chaura, students at the bachelor programme of Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

The month of architecture started as a desire to communicate new tendencies and concepts in architecture and construction management. The ambition is not ‘just’ to invite acknowledged specialists to give lectures. It is also to attract and develop engaged students who share ideas and develop networks in their fields. 

That is why every student who wants to participate in the workshop is asked to write a motivation letter. The application needs to answer why the student should participate in one or more workshops. Every workshop has room for 30-50 participants. 

A forum for engaged students 

MONARCH aims to create a forum for engaged students, and create a network of contributing participants. 

MONARCH focuses on getting well-known and acknowledged speakers. So far, invited speakers have been open and interested. 

The workshops are supported by the Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management education at VIA University College. 

Overwhelming interest 

The interest in MONARCH’s workshops is overwhelming and will hopefully be repeated. Read more about MONARCH and the four workshops at Facebook 


There are workshops on March 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th at VIA Campus Horsens. The program includes Jugaard Innovation / Biology in Architecture / Asian Design Nowadays / Cardboard Modelling / Managing Large Projects in Revit / Job and Internship Hunting / BIM, Architecture and Creativity/ Building Tomorrow.