VIA enters new partnerships in China

VIA enters new partnerships in China
During Denmark Week 2015 in Chengdu, China, VIA facilitated a workshop on greentech. Here, VIA met with potential partners and signed new agreements.
A year after establishing a Sino-Danish research centre for energy and environmental protection, VIA University College has seen a strong interest from Chinese authorities, companies and universities in areas such as soil remediation and urban drainage systems.

On September 15th, during the “2015 Chengdu Denmark Week” in China, more than 100 participants from Chinese companies, universities and authorities participated in a workshop on greentech facilitated by VIA University College. They came to learn more about how Denmark handles drinking water, energy supply, soil remediation, and sustainable urban drainage systems. 

“Participants were very interested in the Danish knowhow. Many of them contacted me afterwards to talk about potential partnerships and to learn more about specific technologies and products,” says Zishen Mou from VIA University College. 

Increasing demand for handling polluted soil 

The greentech workshop was facilitated by several researchers from VIA as well as the Danish consultancy Rambøll and the Central Denmark Region. 

“We talked about Danish technology and systems for handling energy, water and soil remediation. These are areas where China is really looking for knowhow,” says Zishen Mou. 

He works at the Sino-Danish New Energy and Environmental Protection Research and Development Application Center in Chengdu, a joint venture between Chengdu EPA, Chengdu High Tech Zone, VIA University College, Horsens municipality and the EU Project Innovation Centre – established in 2014. 

Combined training and consulting 

The Chinese interest in greentech is the result of an increasing need to handle contaminated soil and water and securing the country’s energy supply. In these areas, Denmark can offer education, training, research, and consultancy services. 

 “We are talking with companies and authorities in Chengdu about combining training course – developed by VIA - and consultancy services and products,” says Zishen Mou. 

New partnerships for VIA 

A recent development is a memorandum of understanding between VIA and the Chinese Xingrong Group. The group includes Xirong Investment, Xingrong Research Institute, Xirong WWTP Management Co. Ltd., Xingrong Water Supply Co. Ltd., and Xingrong Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. 

“They are interested in knowhow within drinking water systems, sustainable urban drainage, and underground energy storage,” Zishen Mou explains.  

Increasing collaboration with authorities 

During Denmark Week, VIA and other Danish partners discussed further collaboration with local authorities, including Chengdu and Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau, Chengdu and Sichuan Land and Resource Bureau and the Chengdu City Planning Bureau. 

Also in September, VIA, the Central Denmark Region and the Danish Soil Partnership signed an MoU with Sichuan Land and Resource Department and the Sichuan Academy of Environmental Sciences. This agreement focuses on soil and mining area contamination, management and remediation. 

New MoU with the Chinese Academy of Sciences 

The academic partnerships are still at the centre of VIAs activities in China. VIA already partners with about 15 Chinese educational institutions. In September, VIA signed a new MoU with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE). 

The agreement includes a collaborative PhD-project in which a Chinese PhD-student will work at VIA in Horsens for 6 months in the second half of 2016 on a topic of interest to both VIA and the IMHE. 

For more information, please contact: 

Zishen Mou, Assistant Professor
VIA Building, Energy and Environment


Lotte Thøgersen, Head of Education and Research
VIA Engineering

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