VIA expands summer schools

Young students gathered in a cirkel
VIA summer schools are very popular, and both students, the business sector and the global educational sector demand international partnerships.
After some successful years, a number of VIA’s summer schools will now be extended, and new initiatives will be implemented. 

Generally there is a great demand for international partnerships – from students, the business sector and the global educational sector alike. VIA’s summer schools have become very popular as well. 

‘We listen to our surroundings, and we see the increase in interest as evidence that we have a good product. More people should benefit from this’, says Rikke Nielsen, director of VIA International, about VIA’s expansion of summer schools – at this very moment as well as with the new ideas that are being formed on the drawing board. 

There are many advantages to summer schools

Each year, VIA offers summer schools where Danish and foreign students meet, share knowledge and get a better understanding of courses as well as each other’s cultures. 

‘We continuously expand international partnerships. We want to be a part of increasing general mobility across borders as it helps us benefit from each other’s national strengths and uniqueness’, says Rikke Nielsen, director of VIA International,. She understands the attraction of summer schools very well: 

‘The students become better equipped to enter a job market where the demand for international qualifications is on the rise. The summer schools make this happen within a manageable time frame which makes it possible to take a greater leap and maybe choose a country you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise’. 

Director of VIA International, also points out that it is possible for others besides the students to get a feel of a different country before making a big commitment: ’Summer schools are a great possibility to assess partners before entering into a binding commitment – that goes for them as well as for us’, she says. 

From Europe to Africa and Asia 

All of the main programmes at VIA that offer summer schools have expanded their initiatives. 

School of Technology and Business gathers the educational programmes aimed at the private business sector. In addition to the usual three weeks of summer school in Denmark and the summer schools in Italy offered by the educations in design, summer schools of up to a total of eight weeks are being offered this year. These are specifically within IT since several countries request learning digital skills in Denmark. These courses take place at Campus Horsens. 

Faculty of Education and Social Studies is headed to Tanzania where they will work with the Training Centre for Development Cooperation (TCDC) to develop a six week summer school consisting of teaching as well as fieldwork. Focus will be on cultural understanding, project planning and learning. In addition, a number of summer schools are in the pipeline, e.g. within physical education in the teacher education. This work is done together with universities in i.a. Thailand and Singapore. 

Faculty of Health Sciences continues summer schools in Aarhus. This year’s theme is 'Welfare Technology and Dementia'. However, they too are looking abroad: 

’Our students especially want experience from Africa. We are therefore developing a summer school in Tanzania with focus on public health and entrepreneurship. We work with our colleagues from the Faculty of Education and Social Studies, and we would like for our partnerships in China to result in a summer school programme’, says Karen Frederiksen, International Manager, Faculty of Health Sciences

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