VIA Teko Design & Business hosted large fashion show

VIA Design - Two girls on the catwalk
The atmosphere was good when VIA TEKO Design & Business hosted a fashion show at the city hall in Aarhus. 16 talented designers showed their final collections to 450 expectant participants.

The town hall designed by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Jørgensen proved to be the perfect setting to showcase the creations of 16 future fashion designers from VIA Teko Design & Business. The event was the first of hopefully many events that will help bring into focus the fashion industry in Aarhus and the rest of Central Jutland. 

Focus on fashion in Region Midt 

Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard accentuated the potential of the fashion business from Region Midt in his opening speech and said: 

“We have initiated a venture under the headline, Headstart Fashion, that will be aiming to organize the many different fashion companies in Aarhus and the region in a stronger way than we have done so far. This we will do in cooperation with e.g. VIA Teko Design & Business and Dansk Fashion & Textile.” 

It is also important for Anne Mette Zachariassen, director of VIA Teko Design & Business, to strengthen the fashion industry in Central Jutland. 

“We work in close cooperation with the industry, and we definitely make use of and support the synergy that you will find throughout the region. It is our ambition to contribute to tie things together and make use of the strong professional environments in the entire region,” Anne Mette says and continues: 

“The show in Aarhus is an important showcase for the newly graduated designers as they are allowed to show what they are capable of,” she says. 

The talents must carry it forward

According to Jacob Bundsgaard it is the talented graduates, who must help to strengthen and challenge the fashion industry in the future. 

“In a few minutes the talented graduates will present their creations. And in fact they are the ones that have to push the industry forward. They must grab the baton and make sure that the industry – filled with its talents – will unfold in the time to come,” Jacob Bundsgaard emphasized and finished: “I look forward to seeing the graduates unfold and I hope that this will be the first in a row of strong cooperation with Teko.” 

Fashion with many facets

And the young talents took center stage in the town hall. Darkness had descended on the city and the music billowed out of Djuan Barne’s mixer when the first collection hit the podium. 

The collections were made with attention to details and consistency in mind. There were a refreshing diversity and the designers had many different inspirational sources and individual approaches to their work with expression, colours and texture. 

Designer Marieke Lisan Hoogendam focused on denim in her raw collection, which is inspired by her home country, Holland, and especially the characteristic Delft porcelain and the fishing culture. Helle Kier was inspired by Antarctic and had created a strong Nordic collection with an emphasis on cool colours, simple cuts and clear lines. Totally different was Lone Høfdinghoff Mathiassen’s colourful collection inspired by sportswear from the 80ties and with spangles and strong graphic prints. 

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