Young Global Board Link gives students new competences

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Since February 2013, the Horsens-based company, A/S HATTING-KS, has had a parallel board of directors, the Young Global Board Link, which consists of three international students from VIA Campus Horsens.

Piotr Kosierkiewicz, Yoana Yordanova and Nevena Tsurovska had the chance of experiencing A/S HATTING-KS all the way from the bottom to the top of where the big decisions are made. This has given them invaluable experiences. 

The contact between A/S HATTING-KS and the students was established by consultant, Louise Skjoldager, from the Career Service Centre. The students wrote an application and have been interviewed in order to be considered for a place in the Young Global Board Link. Young Global Board Link is a voluntary, innovative collaboration between the company and the students. 

Great expectations 

As a starting point, the students were meant to sit one day a week at A/S HATTING-KS. But in the beginning of the course, which stretches from February to ultimo June 2013, the students were at the company for an entire week in order for all to get to know each other: 

“It was exciting as we took a full circle of the company. We were both ‘on the floor’ and a part of management. One of the best things was that we received access to all their information, and this gave us an insight and good chances of assessing, which work-areas we would be working with. From the beginning, we have experienced a great trust from the company. At the same time, they have had great expectations of our work. As such, it has been an entirely different experience than working as a student helper,” Piotr Kosierkiewicz and Yoana Yordanova explain. 

Four focus areas 

A/S HATTING-KS had not beforehand defined a number of assignments, which the students had to solve as a part of their work in the Young Global Board Link. The students themselves had made an analysis of which strategic areas they could help effect. 

As such, Piotr, Yoana and Nevena had to begin their work by identifying a number of areas, where it was possible to make a difference. They found 12 areas, which they presented to the management. After a discussion with the management, the 12 areas were cut down to four areas: 

  1.  Balance Score Card 
  2. Price sensitivity. How would a potential decrease or increase of the price affect the turnover? 
  3. Survey. Will it make sense to open an online shop? 
  4. Innovation. How will the employees become involved with the work within idea-generation in the best way? 
Even though the collaboration around Young Global Board Link will officially end in June 2013, Piotr will continue his work while Nevena and Yoana will have their work placement period at A/S HATTING-KS during the autumn semester 2013. 

Supervisor helps the students 

For the students, it can be overwhelming to be faced with a complex organisation who has asked them to give a proposal on what strategic challenges are worth looking into. In order to secure support for the students, the Career Service Centre arranged an affiliation of a supervisor. It has not been the supervisor’s job to present the students with finished solutions for their work tasks. Instead, he has coached them and made them aware of the different ways of approaching the work tasks. 

A sustainable concept 

The Career Service Centre has received positive feedback from both the students and A/S HATTING-KS in relation to the work involved in the Young Global Board Link. Therefore, they are now focusing on developing an actual concept: 

”Once before, we have established a Young Global Board Link in collaboration with a company. We now have a foundation for developing an actual Young Global Board Link concept based on the experiences that we have made from our previous work which was compared with the experiences made from our collaboration with A/S HATTING-KS. It will be a concept which is designed to help visualise an alternative and innovative way of establishing a collaboration between companies and students,” Louise Skjoldager explains.

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