VIA University College and partners granted 135,000.00 euro to research how to reduce water waste in the water works

In collaboration with Lemvig Water and Wastewater utility, NIRAS and Aarhus University, VIA University College has been granted 135,000.00 euro from The Danish Water Sector’s Development and Demonstration Programme (VUDP) to conduct a research project into how to reduce water waste in the waterworks and improve drinking water quality. The project will be one of many future activities in the new Climatorium in Lemvig, Denmark.

In Denmark, drinking water is based on groundwater. The water is purified by a simple but effective treatment method comprising aeration followed by filtration. The filtration process of often conducted in open sand filters.

At the waterworks, the sand filters serve as a medium for the physical, chemical and biological processes, which remove primarily iron, manganese and ammonium. Depending on the chemical composition of the water, the sand filters must be cleaned periodically in order to perform the best with regard to: 1) amount of produced water and 2) drinking water quality. The cleaning of the sand filters is done with a backwash.

Until now, it has been difficult for waterworks to demonstrate how efficient their backwash process is. This project will develop a geophysical method based on DC/IP principles in order to perform continuous measurements in the open filters. The aim is to produce a continuous 3D resistivity picture in which the temporal changes of the iron oxide clogging can be monitored between each backwash process. Besides the continuous monitoring of the filter, the method is also intended to detect any clogged areas that remain after the backwash.

By optimising the backwash process with respect to frequency and duration, waterworks will be able to increase the lifetime of the filters, save water and energy and ensure a higher drinking water quality.

Reducing water waste

“We are very pleased that the VUDP fund has chosen to support our project. The project fits into our and Lemvig Municipality’s plans to attract research environments for our new Climatorium. Like any other water supplier, Lemvig Water and Wastewater is focused on reducing our consumption of water for the benefit of customers and the environment. This project will help us explore this further. As an additional bonus, the method induced by this project is also expected to improve drinking water quality,” says Lars Norgaard Holmegaard, Director at Lemvig Water and Wastewater.

“The focus of this project is to examine the possibilities for reducing and optimising the backwash processes at the waterworks by means of innovative and new solutions, which have never before been used in Denmark. We are very pleased to be part of such a strong consortium and we have high expectations for the project and its results. Furthermore, the project also supports the ongoing research at VIA University College, as well as providing new knowledge for our new Supply Engineering Degree Programme,” says project manager Theis Raaschou Andersen, who is a researcher with the Centre for Applied Research and Development in Building, Energy and Environment at VIA University College.

The project will run for two years and started January 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Theis Raaschou Andersen, Project Manager, Associate Professor, PhD
Centre for Applied Research and Development in Building, Energy & Environment
VIA University College, Denmark


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