VIA Enters Strategic Partnership with Finnish Häme University

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and VIA has formalised a strategic partnership to strengthen a long and solid collaboration between the two institutions.

Häme University in Finland

”VIA and HAMK have had a long-lasting collaboration, which we see many advantages in continuing and strengthening through a formalised strategic partnership. Specifically, we have discussed that going forward, HAMK and VIA can continue to develop the strong relationship we have built within research over the years – as well as project collaborations and development of Master’s degrees”, says Rector at VIA Harald Mikkelsen.

The new strategic partnership agreement formulates a main perspective and purpose, as well as outlining specific activities for the collaboration. Both institutions have strategic focus on internationalisation and the implementation of an international element in all academic programming. In addition, recruitment of international full degree students for English language study programmes and retention after graduation is something both VIA and HAMK work with.

“It is our hope that this partnership will create new opportunities for both students and staff across management, research, teaching and administration at both institutions”, says Harald Mikkelsen.

New opportunities for students

In addition to sharing of knowledge among staff at the institutions, the strategic partnership also contains an exchange agreement for the benefit of students at both HAMK and VIA.

Executive Senior Adviser, Global Engagement, VIA Tina Lisberg Bundgaard says: “The purpose of VIA’s strategic partnerships is always to leverage the strength of partnership institutions to the benefit first and foremost of our students. The commitment of our executive teams to the deepening of this partnership will make it possible to leverage and enhance our institutional strengths at all levels and across programmes to promote international education opportunities for students, faculty and staff.”

Facts HAMK

  • Häme University of Applied Science is a multidisciplinary, workplace-orientated higher education institution
  • 7 campuses situated in the greater Helsinki metropolitan
  • App 8800 students
  • Schools of bioeconomy, wellbeing, technology, entrepreneurship and business, and professional teacher education
  • Four research units: HAMK Bio, HAMK Edu, HAMK Smart and HAMK Tech

More information:

Tina Lisberg Bundgaard
Executive Senior Adviser, Global Engagement

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