VIA is part of an international network project supporting the green economy

ECOLABNET is the name of the project and it is working on the top of the agenda topic of green transformation and eco-innovation. All levels of society including the companies are having this as a high priority.


ECOLABNET is a network project to help companies become more sustainable.  

ECOLABNET is an international research- and network project that is established to support small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in their work with transforming into a green economy – in the project referred to as “eco-innovation”.

Behind ECOLABNET is a network of universities and business intermediary organizations. They are joining forces in order to get the newest knowledge about eco-innovation out working for the benefit of the small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

The objective is to develop tools the companies can use either directly or as inspiration in their work with eco-innovation having the focus on value creation for the company itself as well as for their surroundings and stakeholders. Examples could be within product innovation, materials, branding, technology- and 3D development, business models, value chain innovation or many others.

Facts about ECOLABNET

  • ECOLABNET is a EU Interreg. Baltic Sea Region project
  • The project is financed with € 2.2 mill. VIA’s share is dkr. 2.3 mill
  • The project is running from January 2019 – June 2021. The intention is that the network can continue the support of SME’s after this period.
  • The project is established and run by 11 different institutions form six different countries – Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Denmark
  • In Denmark VIA University College is the partner and the project is based in R&D Center for Creative Industries and Professions
  • VIA has a close collaboration with a number of business intermediary organisations who support the project. It is Fremstillingsindustrien in Danish Industry, Erhvervshus Midtjylland, Green Network and Danish Fashion & Textil.
  • VIA’s team is Trine M. Nielsen (project manager and researcher), Hanne Biltoft, Pia W. Pedersen, Lisbeth Jensen (all researchers) and Stine Holm (administration)

You can read more about ECOLABNET here.

If you want to know more

or want to participate in the project you are welcome to contact:

Trine M. Nielsen
T: + 45 87 55 44 13

ECOLABNET and EU logo.

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