VIA is developing materials for schools in partnership with Save the Children 

UN sustainability development goal number four includes access to good and inclusive education for all. PhD scholarship-recipient Jeppe Kiel Christensen has, in collaboration with Save the Children, developed brand new material for all national schools on how they can strengthen children through positive communities at school.

Picture of Jeppe Kiel Christensen.

PhD scholarship-recipient Jeppe Kiel Christensen has, in collaboration with Save the Children, developed the brand new material.

In March, Save the Children presented new material entitled “All Together” to every school in Denmark. VIA helped prepare the material and provided a sounding board for the research.

The material focuses on social resilience – understood as how to strengthen children through good communities in schools, where pupils, teachers, educators, principals, parents and the local community are involved.

Both texts and videos have been prepared, which can be downloaded from Save the Children’s website and used for free by all schools in Denmark. The material provides inspiration for how schools can work concretely with broad communities that strengthen the students as humans – even when they experience adversity or face challenges.

In addition to Save the Children’s website, the school material was presented at the Danish Learning Festival in March and at the School Fair in Aarhus in April.

The project has received financial support from the Ministry of Children and Social Affairs, LB Fonden (a Danish fund for charitable goals) and Østifterne (a fund that supports projects of thoughtfulness and care).

PhD scholarship-recipient Jeppe Kiel Christensen from the teacher training educational programme and the VIA Society & Social Work research centre at Campus Aarhus C is representing VIA in the partnership with Save the Children.

Follow-up research at five schools

“Follow-up research was carried out at five schools during the project. These five schools are the launching pad for Save the Children’s material giving concrete instructions for creating positive communities in schools – for the benefit of children,” says Jeppe Kiel Christensen, who has researched resilience, social resilience and community psychology.

Taken overall, the “All Together” material focuses on the schools’ work of creating cultures and environments that promote opportunities for unfolding a shared life at school – through moments that are experienced together – in order to, thereby, thrive and learn in the best possible way. The idea is that the material can be used both preventively and in situations where the school is facing challenges of well-being and community.

“All Together” is essentially about creating safe, positive and well-functioning communities that every child can contribute to and benefit from. When the community is strengthened – so there is room for diversity and individual freedom – it strengthens the individual in turn. This focus can be advantageously woven into the school’s academic plan, as together they constitute the cornerstone of childhood learning and children developing social skills,” points out Jeppe Kiel Christensen.

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