Bachelor of Education

About the programme

One third of all teachers in Denmark graduate through VIA's bachelor degree programme for teacher education. 

The programme aims to educate students to become academically, didactically and pedagogically competent teachers in primary and lower secondary schools. 

Courses are based on national and international research and incorporate experimental and innovative approaches to teaching. Students are encouraged to contribute to the development of the teaching profession. 

In addition to specialising in their main subjects, students are educated in didactics, classroom management, relationship building and cooperation, as well as teaching children with special needs. 

Students are taught through classroom teachings, lectures, project work and internships – which can take place internationally. 

Professional profile

Two thirds of graduates work in primary and lower secondary schools. Others work at private schools, vocational colleges, adult education and social institutions as well as with NGOs and private companies. 

Graduates can pursue a range of opportunities for continued professional development, including further education as teaching tutors, diploma programmes or master of education degree programmes. 


  • Duration: 4 years (240 ECTS) 
  • Degree: Professional Bachelor of Education 
  • Campus: Aarhus, Silkeborg, Skive and Nørre Nissum 


Elisabeth Halse
T: + 45 87 55 30 43