Bachelor of Multiplatform Storytelling & Production

About the programme

This professional bachelor degree programme educates international candidates for the modern film industry. Students learn how to tell stories using a variety of media platforms. 

Subjects cover technical, creative and business aspects relevant for future storytelling professionals. 

The programme is taught mainly by guest lecturers from the film and media industry, and the programme works closely with companies in Denmark and internationally. It is physically located in Filmby Aarhus (the creative film hub of Aarhus). This ensures that the quality of teaching is high and always authentic and relevant to the industry. 

The programme offers many international opportunities, such as participation in film festivals, conferences, study trips and exchanges. 

Professional profile

Graduates work with film and audiovisual storytelling in a variety of production settings. This includes working at production companies, media organisations and working as independent creatives. 

Candidates can also pursue a master's degree at a university in Denmark or abroad. 


  • Duration: 3.5 years (210 ECTS) 
  • Degree: Professional Bachelor of Multiplatform Storytelling and Production 
  • Campus: Aarhus C (in Filmby Aarhus)


Rikke Thomsen
International Coordinator