Bachelor of Textile Design, Handicraft & Communication 

About the programme

This professional bachelor degree programme educates international candidates for the modern textile industry. Students learn the handicraft, design and communication related to textile materials. 

Subjects cover design, cultural communication and teaching, entrepreneurship and a specialisation within weaving, knitting, embroidery or garment. Students choose between teaching and cultural communication. 

Courses are taught through project work and internships in the industry. Students develop a close contact to relevant businesses and get to try their skills in professional settings. 

Professional profile 

Graduates work as entrepreneurs, bloggers, consultants and educators. This includes working in galleries and theatres, working as cultural project managers and teachers or working as independent consultants and artisans. 

Candidates can pursue a master's degree at a university in Denmark or abroad. 


  • Duration: 3.5 years (210 ECTS) 
  • Degree: Bachelor of Textile design, Handicraft and Communication 
  • Campus: Herning. Read about Campus Herning. 


You are welcome to contact the student counselling office at VIA Design: 

T: +45 87 55 05 00