Education and social studies Staff Weeks

VIA offers Staff Weeks of varying themes within education and social studies

VIA has three departments within the academic area: The Department of Teacher Education, Social- and Social Education Assistant Educations and Social Science Education. Each year, each departments arranges their own Staff Week with differing themes and this provides the opportunity for our partners to choose one or more Staff Weeks that fit their area of interest. 

The programme normally consists of an introduction to VIA University College, presentations and workshops regarding relevant theoretical, practical and contemporary topics, visits to institutions, networking activities, cultural and social events. 


If you are interested in attending a Staff Week and need to contact us, find more about the different Staff Weeks below here.

  • Apply for funding

    All of the Staff Weeks provided at VIA University College are free to participate in. The only expenditures to be paid by participants are accommodation, meals and transport.

    It is possible to apply for funding for participation in a Staff Week if a bilateral Erasmus plus an agreement is established between VIA and the participating institution.


  • Accommodation

    There is a variety of accommodation possibilities.

    Aarhus offers a variety of different accommodation possibilities.