VIA in China brings Danish knowhow to life

China looks for knowhow in areas where Denmark has strong education and research traditions. This includes eldercare, environmental solutions and early childhood education. VIA offers training and consultancy services in China.

VIA has a number of partnerships all over China. Partners include teaching institutions, municipalities and other governmental organs as well as private businesses. See current partners on the map above or read more about the nature of our Chinese partnerships below.

VIA's activities in China

  • Why we are in China

    China activities help us attract and develop talented students and employees.

    There are a number of reasons for why VIA has activities in China. To start out, we want our students, faculty and staff to be able to gain knowledge of one of the world’s most important economies. 

    We are in China because:

    • Offering opportunities in China helps us attract talented students and faculty from Denmark and around the world
    • Employers look for candidates with Chinese experience
    • We exchange and develop new knowledge with our Chinese partners in key areas, such as health, elderly care, technology and teaching
    • Our knowhow is in demand and can help make a difference in China
    • We have a lot to learn from China. 
    VIA has two forms of activities in China. One is academic collaboration. The other is export of education and knowhow.
  • What we offer

    Academic collaboration and export of knowhow.

    VIA has two supplementing forms of activities in China. One is academic collaboration. The other is export of education and knowhow. 

     The activities include most of our professional areas, such as within health and welfare services, technology and design as well as early childhood development and schools. 

    Currently, we offer:

    • Courses and skills training for public and private companies
    • Consultancy services
    • Double degree, top-up and diploma programmes
    • Student and faculty exchange
    • Academic workshops
    • Summer schools
    • Research and development 
    Any income, we generate from our activities in China, is used on strengthening our programmes and research in Denmark and in China. 

    Below, you can find cases and further descriptions of our Chinese activities.

  • Our partners in China

    Public and private companies are our close partners.

    As a university of applied sciences, we pride ourselves of our close cooperation with professional practice. This is a part of our DNA and plays an important part of developing our high-quality degree programmes. 

    In China, cooperating with authorities, educational institutions, municipalities and private companies is just as natural for us. Our partners are both Danish and Chinese and we strive to collaborate in a culture of mutual respect, learning and exchange. 

    Our partnerships in China began in 2001. They first focused on academic activities. Today, public authorities and private companies are also valuable partners. 

    For example, VIA cooperates with the Royal Danish Consulates in Chongqing and Shanghai as well as Danish and Chinese local and regional governments. 

    You can see a list of our current partners and activities in China (pdf).

    We always welcome opportunities for new partnerships.

  • Contacts in China

    Please do not hesitate to contact us in Denmark or China.

    For general enquiries about VIA in China, please contact us in China or Denmark. 

    Contact in Denmark

    Gitte Juul Johansen
    Senior International Adviser
    Global Engagement 
    T: + 45 87 55 15 06

    Contacts in China

    Jian Li
    Senior Manager, VIA University College China (Chengdu) Office
    T: + 86 028 8651 0296

    VIA Chengdu address: 

    EU Project Innovation Centre 
    EEN West China 6F, Chengdu-Europe Center,  1577 Tianfu Avenue, 
    Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China, 610041 

    成都,四川,中国, 610041 

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