Guidelines for online oral exams 

General guidelines for online exams for all students at VIA.

Oral exams will be conducted online while campuses are closed due to Coronavirus. The oral exams will be conducted in Skype for Business, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The choice of programme will be made by your study programme – based on which is most suitable for your exam and in some cases based on which programmes have been used for online teaching.

In addition, another of the three programmes will in each exam be chosen for backup.

When you receive information about your exam, you will be informed about choice of programme. It is important that you read the instructions below for the relevant programmes before your exam.

An online oral exam follows the same general exam rules as an ordinary oral exam, but there are some extra procedures that must be followed.


Requirements to your equipment

It will be taken into account that this is an extraordinary situation, but it is your responsibility that you can participate with the equipment you are using when you have an online oral exam.

In order to conduct the exam satisfactory the examiners must be able to both hear and see you. We strongly recommend using a computer for the best experience, but using a smartphone is also an option.

You will therefore need to have:

  • A computer with a webcam/external webcam or a smartphone with a camera
  • A steady internet connection

We also recommend using headphones or a headset for the best possible sound quality (but this is not essential).


Information about your online exam

Together with a timetable for your exam you will receive information about which programme will be used for your exam – and in some cases you will receive a link for the exam. This information will be sent to you by either Student Services or your teacher. In this information there will also be information about which programme has been chosen as the backup system.

The backup system will only be used if there are technical interruptions during the exam in connection with the system – and only is the examinator tells you to use the backup system.

Following the technical instructions that you find on this page, you will be asked to use you VIAid. This is the same as you use to log on to Itslearning and other VIA systems.

Exam using Skype for Business

You will receive a link to the exam.

For further information on installing and participating in an exam in Skype read this guide (PDF): Participate in a Skype for Business Exam

We strongly recommend that you install Skype for Business well in advance of your exam.

If you use a smartphone, you must download the app Skype for Business. When you log in, you must use your VIA-login to get access to the meeting.

Exam using Zoom

You will receive a link to the exam.

For further information on installing and participating in an exam in Zoom read this guide (pdf): Participate in a Zoom exam

The Zoom version used in VIA is different from the free version. It is in compliance the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore it is a safe system and not as the free version where there is no control over which data is collected.

Exam using Microsoft Teams

You will not receive a link to the exam – you must have the programme open and will be contacted by the examinator, when it is your turn.

For further information on installing and participating in an exam in Microsoft Teams read this guide (pdf): Participate in a Microsoft Teams exam


Test of access and your equipment before the exam

VIA has created test meetings for Skype, Zoom and Teams. Here it is possible for you to test your equipment through the relevant system prior to the exam. This is not mandatory, but an offer to you in case you do not have other options for testing your equipment, and if you do not already know that it is working from previous participation in online teaching.

At the VIA test meetings staff from the IT department will be able to help with technical issues. These tests are meant for testing sound, picture and file presentation – they cannot answer specific questions about your exam – these must be directed to Student Service – see more below.

The test meetings will be open Monday to Friday 13.00-14.00.

If you have an exam via Skype for Business the link to the test meeting is: Participate in Skype test

If you have an exam via Zoom the link to the test meeting is: Participate in Zoom test

If you have an exam via Teams the link to the test meeting is: Participate in Teams test

Through the system guidelines mentioned above there are also described ways were you can test on your own or with others.


The exam

Get ready early on the day of your exam to make sure you are ready and with the relevant programme open when the exam begins.

Please note:

  • There can be delays in the oral exams, so you might not be allowed access into the exam at the scheduled time. As long as you have access to the waiting room/lobby (only Skype/Zoom) you just wait until being let in. In Teams you will be summoned through the programme.
  • You must be able to identify yourself by showing a passport, driving license or other identification with a recognisable picture of you, e.g. your VIA Student card (if you have a digital student card to a “print screen” photo that you can share)
  • Make sure you are sitting in a quiet room with good lighting. Avoid sitting in front of a window as it influences the light.
  • If you are going to use a Power Point or something similar at the examination you must forward the file to the examiner no later than the day before the exam.
  • Ordinary oral exams are open to the public, which means you that can normally invite friends or other people to watch the exam.
  • Oral exams online are closed to the public in order to avoid cheating. You must therefore be alone in the room you are sitting in during the exam (except group exams – see below). The examiners can ask you to show them the room by webcam to ensure you are alone.
  • Audio-visual recording of the exam is not permitted unless it is a part of the examination itself. If that is the case, VIA will do the recording (Executive order on examination regulations)
  • When you and the examiners have all joined the meeting, the exam will be conducted as an ordinary oral exam.

When the exam is completed, the examiner will let you out of the meeting again. Please make sure, that you follow the technical instructions on how to prepare yourself to regain access into the exam immediately after the exam. When the assessment is done you will again get access to the exam meeting in order to get feedback and grading.


Exam cheating

Rules on cheating at exams still apply even though exams take place online.

Read more about the rules for cheating at exams.


Group exams

Some of the oral exams in VIA are group exams. Each group must decide for themselves whether they want to sit together (physically) in one room during the exam, or if they want to participate from their own individual devices from different locations. The decision must be made based on health recommendations and what is practically possible.

If the group decides to sit together in one room, the group must ensure that the examiners can see all group members throughout the exam, even when they are not speaking. If the group participates through several units in the same room, there may be a high risk of technical challenges with the sound such as resonance, echo, etc.

Therefore, VIA only recommends that groups sit together in one room if all group members:

  • agree that it is not against the health recommendations for all of them
  • have the option of being viewed via web cam from one PC / device
  • agree that the equipment on which the exam is conducted is technically suitable for the purpose


Technical problems during the exam

If the exam is interrupted due to technical issues and the connection is not quickly restored, you must call the examiner from your phone. You must always be the one to make the call, even if the problems are not at your end - and you must do it without unnecessary delay.

You will get the phone number along with the link to the online exam.

The examiners will decide whether the exam is be continued, discontinued or postponed – and you will be told before you hang up the phone, what is going to happen next. In the information about the exam, there is also information about a backup system. This can be used for the exam if there are problems due to technical interruptions. Remember to talk to your examiners by phone to agree whether to use the backup system or not.

Please make sure that you have read the instructions for the backup system and how to access it before the exam.


If the exam cannot be completed

We have meticulously prepared this period with online exams and are sure, that you will do the same. However, sometimes unexpected things can happen in relation with online exams, as is the case with exams held at VIA. If an exam can not be completed online, the outcome depends on whether the reason for the discontinuation of the exam is due to you or VIA – just as is the case in all other exams.

If you cannot complete the exam due to technical issues with your equipment or the internet connection is failing at your end, you will have used one exam attempt, just as you would if you were delayed going to an oral exam because the bus was delayed or your bike had a flat tyre.

That said, it is an extraordinary situation and it will be taken into consideration if you would end up needing to ask for a dispensation for a fourth attempt.

In the case of technical problems during the exam, VIA University College will try the best to complete the exam anyway – by trying the backup system etc. As long as you make sure before the exam that your equipment is working, you have a good internet connection, and you have read the instructions, you will have prepared sufficiently with regards to the practical part of your exam.

The IT department and Study Service will also provide backup for the examinators in case of the need for support, so we will do our best to ensure that your exam will run smoothly.

In case the exam cannot be completed due to other factors than those, that you are responsible of, ie. factors that VIA is responsible of, a new exam will be offered as soon as possible in order to repair the situation. In that case, the interrupted attempt to do the exam will not count as one of your three exam attempts.



Prior to the exam, if you have questions regarding technical issues e.g. the installation of Skype for Busi-ness, please contact VIA Service Monday-Friday 7.30-15.30 ( or 87 55 12 12)

Please contact Student Services with questions regarding other issues related to your exam. You can find contact information on VIA Studynet on your programme's page/exam.