Meet students who have had a successful cooperation with VIA Student Incubator. 

Here you can read about students who have started their own projects or companies.

Charlotte Oxholm Ørum - Social Education student, Holstebro

PROJECT: Development and production of language cards that break down the language barrier in day nurseries.

The Social Education student Charlotte Oxholm Ørum has developed a new tool - a language card with pictures that make it possible for educators in nurseries to communicate with parents who do not speak Danish or English.

Charlotte got the idea for the project while she was doing her internship in a nursery. The educators from the nursery experienced communication challenges when they had to explain to non-Danish speaking parents the practicalities and the daily routine in the nursery.

The idea turned into a product when Charlotte began producing cards with drawings of objects from the daily life in the nursery. For example, a card with a snowsuit drawing, when the parents had to bring it for their children. On the other side of the card, Charlotte wrote short statements or Yes / No questions in Danish.

After Charlotte completed the prototype, she contacted a publishing house and agreed with them that they could print her language cards.

Charlotte has used the services of VIA Student Incubator to get in touch with a lawyer who went through her contract with the publishing house. Through the incubator, she also received information about financing opportunities such as micro-grants and the incubator helped Charlotte to create a tax identification number for her newly started company.

Jan Martin Ahlers – Global Business Engineering student, Horsens

Project:  Developing a recycling concept offering people an easy way to donate to local charities through recycling.

Jan Martin Ahlers asked himself why students and other people at VIA discarded their bottles and cans in recycling bins without claiming a refund for their deposit. He noticed that this was bad for the environment and a waste of resources.

He decided to do something about this and got in touch with the VIA student incubator.

Using the VIA student incubator as a sounding board, Jan has been able to test his idea of erecting an additional container next to existing recycling bins.

Jan first contacted the bottle deposit operator Dansk Retursystem and used one of their containers. However, he has used his own container since the end of 2013.

The concept is simple: anyone who throws a bottle or a can into his container implicitly donates the value of the deposit directly to a local charity. A simple walk around the corner reveals the benefit of bottle deposits.

To Jan it is about contributing to society. He does not want to make any money on his idea, nor do his three business partners.

Peter Aggerholm – Physiotherapy student, Holstebro

Project: Design of cycling clothing

Peter Aggerholm, physiotherapy student from Holstebro, has established a clothing company called Racing Skinz. Racing Skinz designs cycling, running or triathlon clothing for sports clubs.

Peter’s inspiration for starting the company came from his own sports club experience. Peter has been a member of sports club management and he knew that flexible delivery and no minimum number of orders mean a lot to sports clubs' management, which often consists of volunteers.

Therefore, Racing Skinz focuses on the needs of sports clubs. When the clubs need clothing, they have the option to order only the amount of clothing they need so that they avoid keeping an inventory.

Cecilie Rask – Teacher education student, Aarhus

Project: Homework assistance to children and adolescents.

Cecilie Rask, studying teacher education, founded the company Elevakademiet (Student Academy). Elevakademiet offers homework assistance, pre-school and private lessons in children and adolescents’ own homes for the 4 to 17 year-old age group.

Elevakademiet’s goal is to give existing pupils – and future pupils – an opportunity to enhance their professional skills, confidence and motivation. For Elevakademiet motivation and desire to learn are vital factors in the pupils’ development.

Through VIA Student Incubator, Cecilie Rask heard about the entrepreneurship competition, Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship, which she won in the category People & Society. Cecilie has also participated in the European Championships in Entrepreneurship in Lisbon, where she won the 3rd place in 2015.

Vibbe Nygaard og Camilla Kuus – Design & Business, Aarhus

Project: Designer clothing for women

The VIA Design graduates Vibbe Nygaard and Camilla Kuus have started a new clothing brand, AGURK. AGURK designs and produces clothing for women and outfits that are inspired by 80s vintage sports clothing.

The clothes are manufactured in Poland and are made of organic cotton, cut by the principle of minimum waste cutting.

Camilla and Vibbe have turned their idea into a business by taking part in the innovation courses Idea Agent and From Idea to Action offered by VIA Student Incubator. Experts from VIA Student Incubator have helped AGURK to set up a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and raise funds for their latest collection.