International programmes FAQ

The recent political decision to close many international study programmes in Denmark by 2022 has created a lot of questions for current and new international VIA students. Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

The Danish parliament has decided that from Autumn 2022, Danish university colleges and business academies are not allowed to offer as many study places at English language study programmes as has been the case up until now. Unfortunately, this means that VIA has to close some of our study programmes taught in English.

However, all current international students and new students starting an international programme in 2021 will be able to complete their programmes.

The details and consequences are in some cases still unclear and we are awaiting instructions from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. This FAQ will be continuously updated.

Questions and answers

  • VIA’s full degree programmes at campus Herning (Design, Technology and Business AP degree, Design and Business top-up degree) and campus Viborg (Character Animation, Computer Graphic Arts, Graphic Storytelling) will remain open, as they have been deemed as being of regional importance.

    In addition, VIA has been able to retain 100 study places at campus Horsens: 60 study places at Software Technology Engineering (2 classes of 30 each), 25 study places at Architectural Technology and Construction Management and 15 study places at Climate and Supply Engineering.

    The following study programmes will close at campus Aarhus C: Architectural Technology and Construction Management, Construction Technology, Global Business Engineering, Value Chain Management.

    The following study programmes will close at campus Horsens: Marketing Management AP degree, International Sales and Marketing Management top-up degree, Value Chain Management, Civil Engineering, Global Business Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

  • Yes. All students starting an international programme in 2021 have the right to complete that programme.

  • Students at the AP study programme in Design, Technology and Business at campus Herning will be able to apply to the top-up Design and Business, when they complete their AP degree.

    Students at AP degree in Marketing Management will unfortunately not be able to apply to the top-up International Sales and Marketing Management. Students have the option of applying to the Danish top-up degree International Handel og Markedsføring. Be aware though, that this programme is primarily taught in Danish. Go to to see other options in Denmark.

  • Yes, if you are able to fulfil the language requirements. To meet the language requirements, students need to complete what corresponds to Danish at A-level and pass “Studieprøven” to get accepted at a Danish language programme. This will require a great deal of effort if you have no prior knowledge of Danish. Talk to your student counsellor about your options.

  • The political agreement is intended to finance the government’s plans of making education easily accessible to everyone in Denmark – also in the smaller cities, towns and rural areas.

    The agreement is also supposed to reduce expenses relating to SU (state grants) for international students, as costs have been increasing in recent years. Read more at the ministry’s website here.

    VIA regrets that this decision has been made, but in Denmark, higher education is run by the state and therefore we must follow political instructions.

  • Yes, there are no changes in this field. EU citizens can still get SU if they fulfil the requirements. Likewise, there are no changes in the rules for tuition fees, so citizens of the EU do not pay tuition. More on tuition fees.

  • Yes, students will still be able to go abroad for exchange semesters or take internships abroad. Internships in Denmark may, however, be a good idea if you want to work in Denmark after your studies as many internships lead to jobs.

  • Yes! Internationalisation and having an international study environment remains a priority to VIA. Internationalisation is a part of our DNA and we want to ensure international opportunities and skills for all our students – preparing them to enter a globalised job market after graduation. More on VIA's strategic approach to interntionalisation.

    Fortunately, we get to keep some of our English taught study programmes at the campuses in Horsens, Herning and Viborg. In addition, exchange and summer school students will continue to fill the class rooms, hallways and canteens at VIA’s campuses with multiple languages and cultures – also after 2022.

  • Please contact your study programme or student counsellor if you have questions.

    Find contact information for our student counsellors here.