Erasmus+ Projects in VIA

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What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Erasmus+ offers mobility and cooperation opportunities in higher education, vocational education and training, school education (including early childhood education and care), adult education, youth and sport.

Architectural Technology and Construction Management


Sustainable High-Rise Buildings Designed and Constructed in Timber” (HiTimber) project aims to fulfil the future demands in higher education including innovation, sustainability, international, trans-disciplinary and entrepreneurial approaches for the development of a new study module/elective element in sustainable high-rise timber buildings to enhance the quality and relevance of students’ knowledge and skills for future labour market needs. Duration: 01/09/17-31/12/20. VIA's role: Lead
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KnoWood project aims to fulfil the future demands in higher education including entrepreneurial approaches to teaching and learning, innovation, sustainability, transnational, trans-disciplinary understanding in sustainable mid-rise and tall wooden buildings, which will increase sustainable growing forestry, employment in the wooden construction industry, a large reduction of greenhouse gasses and will create new innovative sustainable knowledge and courses in academia. Duration: 01/11/18-30/04/22. VIA's role: Lead
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The objective of the Pub-Wood project is to develop a trans-disciplinary and transnational course/elective element in the EU HEIs on the design, construction and management of sustainable public wooden buildings in order to enhance the quality and relevance of students’ knowledge and skills for future labour market needs. Duration: 01/09/18-31/08/20. VIA's role: Lead
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Project Back2Future aims at development and the delivery of an innovative trans-disciplinary e-learning course “Building with Sustainable Local Traditional Materials” by using student-centred project based learning, learning by doing and blended learning approaches. The project will introduce a strategy for implementing sustainable traditional local sourced materials containing recycled and industrial waste products into the building industry sector through education of undergraduate students. Duration: 30/12/20-28/08/23. VIA's role: Partner


Project HybridTim aims to fulfil the future demands in higher education of students in design and construction of high environmental performance hybrid engineered timber buildings by trans-disciplinary innovative student-centred learning approaches. The project will develop competences in sustainability-relevant construction sector, green sectorial skills strategies and methodologies, as well as future-oriented BSc/BA module “Design and Construction of Hybrid Engineered Timber Buildings” that better meet the needs of individuals. Duration: 1/9/20-31/8/23. VIA's role: Lead
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Healthcare and Welfare Technology


'Virtual Reality Training for Healthcare Professionals’ (ViReTrain) aims at developing scenarios for authentic learning with VR in nursing education. Through VR, different scenarios address the complexity of care with its aspects of uncertainty in decision-making, trained through individualised communication, dealing with emotion and different application of a standardized procedure to patients with diverse needs. Duration: 01/09/2020-31/08/2023. VIA's role: Partner
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Global hospitality

Studies show that an increasing number of students of all ages feel lonely and like they do not belong.

The Mobile Ethical Laboratory (MEL) project explores how to make students feel at home in the classroom, using an experimental approach of desk- and case studies.

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Avatar Based Interaction and Learning In Times of Illness (ABILITI)

The project focuses on how the use of telepresence robots (avatars) can enable children and young people with chronic diseases to participate in regular school activities, if their disease prevents them from going to school for a longer period of time. An e-booklet and Teacher handbook is prepared in a multidisciplinary collaboration between teachers, professions, NGOs as well as national and international knowledge institutions.

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VIA Faculty of Education & Social Studies 

CO-Created Education through Social Inclusion (COSI)

The project ‘CO-Created Education through Social Inclusion’ (COSI) is an international initiative focusing on how to reduce early leaving from education and training among young people. The aim of the programme is to develop a holistic model, as well as a political strategy, for social inclusion of children, pupils and students who are at risk of dropouts and social exclusion, used throughout Europe. Duration: 15/01/2021-30/06/2024
VIA's role: Partner