International Development Projects

VIA works with international development projects and knowledge transfer in primarily Eastern and Central Europe, Tanzania and China.  VIA’s Development projects constitute a unique setting for competence development and improving intercultural competences for students.

VIA is engaged in international projects for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is that know-how and knowledge generated through the projects is brought back to both VIA students and lecturers. The projects provide the possibility to apply and reflect on professional knowledge in an international context.

Global social responsibility

VIA is also engaged in development projects to support the UN’s sustainable development goals 2030 through research-based, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches. This is one way for VIA to show global social responsibility and to contribute to the development of professions and practice institutions globally.

How we work

We work with academic partners, local NGOs, public institutions, practice institutions and private companies. Currently, our projects are focused on early childhood development, social work, social pedagogy and primary and secondary school education. However, we have experience with international collaboration within a wide range of VIA’s subject areas including, but not limited to:

  • Elderly care, dementia, nutrition and rehabilitation
  • Water resources, resilience, construction, animation and design

For further information please contact: Jesper Marius Als, Coordinator International Development projects

Cases stories

Children doing paper crafts

The SMILE Project

The objective of the SMILE project is to make a lasting positive change of the childhoods experienced by children of migrants in the poor area of Drochia in Northern Moldova.
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Smiling school children

Mwanzo Mzuri

The Mwanzo Mzuri (A good start) in Tanzania focuses on improving the quality of pre-school institutions in the country through, among other things, staff training in institutions.
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