Case: Mwanzo Mzuri (A good start)

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Location: Dar es Salaam and Iringa, Tanzania

Theme: Early Childhood Development

Duration: 3 years from 1st May 2018 to 30th April 2021

Value: Project total - £752,582, total

Partners: VIA, HakiElimu, Mkwawa University College of Education

Funding: Human Development Innovation Fund, which manages funds from UKAID

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Impact: Mwanzo Mzuri intends to ensure that young Tanzanian's will be enrolled in high quality and safe pre-primary education, which improves school readiness and supports them to reach their full potential


About the project

The project is targeting improved quality in pre-school institutions. More specifically the project will pilot an innovative action learning training programme in 20 selected private and public institutions. The aim is to contribute, in the long term, to the access of Tanzanian children to be enrolled in institutions, which help to prepare them for their further education and to improve their overall life opportunities.

Hakielimu, VIA’s partner in this project, do community awareness and advocacy and puts the political and legal aspects of ECD on the political agenda. Community awareness and advocacy ensures that there is support for a strengthened focus on ECD. And also to ensure that there is synergy and resonance between the pedagogical changes in the institution, parents and broader community.

VIA's role

The role of VIAs is primarily to work with themes such as, didactics, parental collaboration, inclusion, children's health and well-being, etc. This is done through courses in observation and documentation, play and learning, classroom management, children's language and literacy skills and the development of children's motor skills. 


The purpose of these courses are twofold.

  1. To upgrade the staff of the institutions
  2. To upgrade trainers from Mkwawa University College of Education, who will eventually be able to provide similar training programmes and thereby ensure sustainability of the project.