Case: the SMILE project (support for migrant's children)

Children doing paper crafts

Location: Drochia, Moldova

Duration: Start 2018 – applied yearly

Value: Project total – EUR 50.953 total per year

Funding: World Childhood Foundation.

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Partners: The applying organisation of the project is Drochia Community Consortium for Care and Education (DCCCE).  The DCCCE has the following partners: Drochia District Council, Children`s Hope Foundation, Constantin Stere University and Didact Vega Company.

About the project

Drochia is a poor area in the Northern part of Moldova. Many people have migrated to work outside of Moldova. Their children grow up in the absence of a mother or a father. From families with children under 18 years old, 25-30% have one or both parents left abroad. This leads to a high number of school drop-outs, a high number of institutionalised children, and a high number of child abuse cases among the children being left behind by migrated parents.

The core target group is children in risk, especially the children of migrated parents. The general target group are all the children in the district of Drochia.

VIA’s role

A center for after school hour activities was established in 2018. Since September 2018 VIA has provided training of the staff at the center in didactics and social-pedagogical methods to give the staff the necessary skills to work with vulnerable children and youth. The SMILE project gives VIA a platform to strengthen the intercultural competences of VIA’s students and staff.


To make a lasting positive change of the childhood in Drochia. The concrete goal has been to establish and develop a “Center for after school hour activities” in Drochia, where children and youth can develop in a safe environment guided by well educated teachers and social workers. The main theme of the project is Child safe Families. The project aims to raise awareness in the community and among the parents to prevent child neglect and abuse in the future.