University charter

VIA is a certified holder of an Erasmus+ Charter.

VIA University College acts according to the Charter’s specification for mobility activities before, during and after any given student and staff mobility.

Bilateral agreements

Within the Erasmus+ programme VIA continues the already established and significant network through bilateral agreements with universities and higher education institutions and cooperative partners in Europe and around the world.

Exchange of students and lecturers

VIA will continue to increase the number of in- and outgoing students and lecturers.

VIA continues to develop network- and research projects, co-funded by EU multilateral programmes. We involve administrative and technical staff in mobility activities through Erasmus+.

Rights and responsibilities

The Student Charter highlights your rights and obligations and informs you about what you can expect from the sending and receiving organisation at each step of your mobility.

Our Charter number is: 243723-IC-1-2008-1-DK-ERASMUS-EUCX-1

Our Erasmus ID code is : DK RISSKOV06

The Erasmus ID code is to be used for all Erasmus bilateral agreements and project applications to the EU.