Welcome to VIA's Campus in the heart of Aarhus

Campus Aarhus C is a new and modern educational institution with many different programmes. Students at Campus C will be part of the busy academic and social student life in Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark.

About Campus Aarhus C

  • Campus Aarhus C is a totally new and modern campus with many specialties and a wide variety of international and Danish-language programmes. 

    Campus Aarhus C is located in the center of Aarhus - the second largest city in Denmark with approximately 320.000 inhabitants.

    Programmes in Danish

    Programmes in English 

    Additional activities

    • Continuing Education 

    Key figures 

    • Number of students: 7250 
    • Number of international students: 450 
    • Number of employees: 460
  • The campus is spread over five buildings on a total of 46,000 square meters right in the centre of Aarhus. 

    Campus Aarhus C contains :

    • Hundreds of spacious teaching and classrooms with the newest technical equipment 
    • Large and bright auditoriums for lectures and speeches 
    • Practice rooms for dance and other forms of movement and with the latest sports equipment 
    • Stages for theatre performances and concerts 
    • A roof running track with a view of the internationally-famous Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus City Hall and the rest of downtown Aarhus. 
    • Lots of sofa areas for group work and social time plus open environments with high ceilings and big windows to let in the sun 
    • A canteen with good, healthy food 
    • Large student café for socializing, Friday bar and music 
    • A well-equipped library with space for academic immersion 

    With your student card, you have access to the campus outside of class hours. 

    Study in the centre of Aarhus 

    The campus is located in the centre of Aarhus with outdoor areas near the river. It is within walking distance to the railway station and bus station.


  • At the VIA Student Incubator, students work with innovation and entrepreneurship. They learn to develop and generate new ideas and projects. 

    This might be the student’s own ideas, or external projects being carried out in co-operation with local institutions and companies, municipalities or regions. 

    Activities and advisory services 

    VIA Student Incubator in Aarhus offers free innovation activities and advisory services about entrepreneurship. We also offer office space in town to VIA students. 


    Birgitte Woge Nielsen
    VIA Physiotherapy
    E: bin@via.dk 

    Maja Juul-Olsen
    VIA Social Work Education 
    E: mjo@via.dk 

    Rikke Johannesen
    VIA Teacher Education 
    E: rijo@via.dk 

    Read more about VIA Student Incubator

  • You are always welcome to contact a student counsellor if you need information about life as a student at Campus Aarhus C. 

    E: aarhus.studieadm@via.dk

    Career Service Centre

    The primary task of Career Service Centre is to establish and strengthen cooperation between VIA students and businesses in a wide range of industries.

    Read more about Career Service Centre.

  • Go to our housing page to read more about the specific options in Aarhus.
  • Aarhus main station (for trains) and the Bus Station are only about 2 km from Campus Aarhus C. 

    You can use the online journey planner to plan your trip (also in English and German).

    There is an underground parking garage at Campus Aarhus C. You must pay to park there. 

    If you plan to study at Campus Aarhus C/Danmark and want to bring your own car, please note the rules and regulations.

    Bike in Aarhus 

    You can also to bike to the campus. Biking is very popular in Denmark, and you can purchase a bike cheaply or rent one if you like. There are bike lanes in most of downtown Aarhus. 

    Aarhus is generally very bike-friendly, with bike lanes all the way to both the forest and the beach. 

    Find Campus Aarhus C on Google Maps.

  • VIA University College
    Campus Aarhus C
    Ceresbyen 24
    DK-8000 Aarhus C 

    T: +45 87 55 00 00
    E: viaservice@via.dk 

    Find us on Google Maps

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