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Does your company want access to 5000 Danish and international students from VIAs programmes all tailored towards employment in the private sector? The Career Center contributes to collaborations between companies and students in regards to projects, internships and student jobs.

One-way entry for companies

At the Career Centre we are dedicated to creating opportunities for collaboration between companies and students.

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Job and internship bank

Recruit students and graduates more easily than ever before with VIA's Online CareerUniverse!

Create a profile in our online job- and internship bank and gain access to 5000 Danish and international students from VIA.

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Meet the students

VIA's Career Center hosts a variety of events each semester where you can meet students face to face. Learn more about our events here!
Additionally, explore the opportunity to enter into a paid partnership with the Career Center, where you'll gain exclusive recruitment opportunities and branding exposure to students.
Meet the students

Are you a future student at VIA?

As a student in VIA's programmes targeted the private sector, the Career Center assists you in gaining perspective on your career throughout your education. Here, you will receive tools and inspiration for your future career. For more information on being a student at VIA University College, explore VIA's study portal.
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Contact information

Tina Kejser

Consultant at Design and Business.

Phone: +45 8755 1425
Contact Tina

Michelle Ros

Consultant at Engineering and Business

Phone: +45 8755 4018
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Freja Devantié

Consultant at Multiplatform Storytelling and Production & The Animation Workshop.

Phone: +45 8755 1048
Contact Freja

Louise Skjoldager

Consultant at Architectual Technology and Construction 

Phone: +45 8755 4015
Contact Louise