Your Career Toolbox

Welcome to YOUR Career Toolbox - it will enable you to meet the companies qualified regardless of whether you are looking for a student job, an internship or a job as a newly graduate.

Career Toolbox

In the Career Toolbox your can find all the tools you need to get of to a good start. 

The Career Toolbox is updated each semester with events and webinars - both which and when. Did you miss an event you wanted to join? Then keep udpated on this page and the opportunity to join next semester. 

Follow these 3 steps and you will be ready to send your application: 

Step 1: Identification of Competencies 

It can be difficult to put in to words what you are good at.

However, it is a very important tool to be able to do when you apply for a job or an internship. First when you are aware and clear on your own abilities, can you show companies what value you can create for them. 

Tools in your toolbox:  

  • Webinar: Understand your talent and competencies with Business Danmark February 16 2023 at 3.00-4.00 pm 
    "Have you discovered your talents and competencies, and how to utilize them? If not, this webinar is for you". Read more and find the link for sign-up on the Career Service Centres Facebook event Understand your talent and competencies. 
  • FAB-model (Features, Advantages, Benefits) 
    FAB is a tool to help you put your skills and competencies into words. Business Danmark gives you a guide and examples on how to use the FAB-tool so that you will be able to out your competencies into words. You can find the FAB-model here.  


Step 2: CV and Application 

Now you are ready to make your CV and your application.

The purpose of writing an application and a CV is to get an interview. Your application and your CV together make up your application material and is a presentation of you and your competencies, in relation to the position you are applying for. In other words, it is your sales material.

Your CV and application must ALWAYS be targeted the specific company and job/internship.

The application and CV are not the same. The CV looks back and is documentation for your experiences and qualifications. The application looks forward and is argumentation for why you should get the job. 

Tools in your toolbox: 

  • Candeno - you online CV and application platform
    Here you will get a broad selection of tools at your service 24/7 when you are in the process of applying for a student job or an internship:  
    • Access to an intuitive CV and application builder
    • Inspiration universe
    Sign up here (please use Google Chrome as your browser).

  • Get started with Candeno - an introductionwith Candeno February 8 at 3.00-3.30 pm 
    Join this webinar to get an introduction to platform and the tools at your disposal, so you are ready to start using Candeno. Read more and find link to sign-up on Career Service Centres Facebook event Get started with Candeno - an introduction. 

  • Webinar: Target your CV and motivate your cover letter - how to land a job interview in Denmark with CA A-kasse February 15 at 3.00-4.30 pm
    "Whether you are a CV ninja or not, this webinar is for you! This webinar will give you concrete advice on how best to highlight your skills". Read more and sign up on Career Service Centres Facebook event Target your CV and motivate your cover letter - how to land a job interview in Denmark.  


Step 3: Feedback 

Now you are almost ready. Before sending your CV and your application it is a good idea to get professional feedback on your material.

Tools in your toolbox: 

You are now ready to send your CV and application - good luck!   


Career Service Centre

Remember that you in your Career Service Centre also have the opportunity to meet companies and find other offers for your career journey, such as Company Dating.

Check out our Facebook page and see the many offers from companies, our many events and much more. 

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