Alexandru is a graduate of Software Technology Engineering

Alexandru Diaconu from Romania is a graduate of Software Technology Engineering and now works as Associate Software Engineer at MobilePay A/S.

Alexandru from Romania

My ambition is to live my life to the fullest alongside my family and friends and to make a positive contribution to the world. Alexandru Diaconu

My job

Currently, I am working as a backend Software Engineer at MobilePay A/S. Most of my tasks revolve around developing software and implementing certain business functionalities into our technical projects. Some of them imply doing a lot of research before developing which makes the job even more interesting.

My advice

Build and grow your network as quickly as you can and in all possible areas. It is very important to have a big and reliable network around you. Also, it is really important to embrace the Danish culture and language as it will open a lot of doors for you.

How did you get the job you have today?

On my 5th semester, I was looking for an internship and I saw that Danske Bank had great career opportunities for students. I had the chance to start out as an intern at MobilePay A/S, then continuing as a student worker after which I had the chance to write my Bachelor thesis within Danske Bank’s Talent Box organisation and ending up with a full time position.

What do you like most about your current job?

All the projects that I am working on “generate” different type of tasks. Therefore, I like the diversity of my work. Each of them also imply a little bit of research.

This way, I learn something new every time which keeps me motivated. I think the most fun part is the reward in the end, when your solution is integrated and used by the entire company’s ecosystem and users.

Why did you choose to study in Denmark?

In Romania, I studied Industrial Design at Transylvania University. After 2 years, I went to study abroad with the Erasmus scholarship, as it is a good way to explore another culture from both an educational and social aspect. Therefore, I came to Denmark as a Mechanical Engineering exchange student and decided to stay and complete the degree at VIA. 

After a while, I had the chance to start a freelance company as a graphic designer, which is a passion of mine. I realized  that I wanted to learn more about frontend, backend and app development. Therefore, I decided to study Software Technology Engineering at VIA.

I made the best decision, when I chose Denmark. All my educational and professional experiences have contributed in building my network and helping me choose the perfect career. 

The 3 best things about living and working in Denmark

  1. Family, friends and colleagues. I felt welcome here, thanks to the Danes open-minded approach and welcoming personality. I love working with my Danish colleagues as they are both friendly and fun while being professional and respectful at the same time.
  2. Overall the Danish mind-set in all areas. At work, we all know our roles and responsibilities, but there is no strong emphasis on the hierarchy. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere and you feel more valuable to the organisation. 
  3. You have the possibility to explore your options and choose the right career for you. There is a lot of help at the university where they can guide and help you find the right path. Even at work, I tried different areas before becoming a back-end programmer, which I liked the most.

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