Meet Jakob, graduate of Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Jakob is bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management. Read his story here!

Jakob Myrtue

My job

I’m part of a team with five other Bachelors of Architectural Technology and Construction Management, one of whom is usually an intern.
My job involves working closely with the in-house architects and with engineers and contractors so as to ensure that the building can be realised within the architectural framework, which the architects have put in place.

I work primarily with the REVIT programme, which I had learned to use in my educational programme. So I’ve experienced that much of what I learned at VIA is close to the reality. And that has helped me transition from being a student to becoming part of a workplace.

Of course, I didn’t learn everything in my educational programme. For example, collaborating with architects was something new that I had to learn. But over the course of the educational programme, I worked extensively in teams, so it has been easy for me to collaborate with others, even when it has been interdisciplinary.

An office and muddy boots

What I like best is all the different assignments. I end up wearing a lot of different hats and it’s challenging, professionally speaking, to sit in an office, planning one moment to then be in muddy boots out on a construction site making sure the developer gets the building he actually ordered.

For instance, I keep track of information and facts at project and developer meetings. There is a lot to keep track of as a project evolves continuously.

I also work in the follow-up phase, where I communicate with the contractor and skilled construction workers, so as to tackle problems in collaboration with the engineer. It can be a huge undertaking to relay the architectural visions to the final stage of construction and ensure that those visions are implemented within the financial limitations.

My advice

It is crucial that you are interested in building and architecture if you apply for the Architectural Technology & Construction Management programme. My background was within carpentry, and I am very happy for that. But I also have colleagues who have no background within skilled craftmanship.

It is vital that you carry out good preparatory work before starting an internship, and that you find a business that deals with the kind of work you really want to work with.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of making a good effort when placed on an internship. That way you can help to create a job for yourself in the future and demonstrate what you are good at.

It can also be a good idea to try to get a job as a student assistant as a continuation of your internship. It provides you with another opportunity for demonstrating what you can bring to the table.

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