Meet Mathilde, graduate of  International Sales and Marketing Management

Mathilde is a former student at VIA. Now, she works as marketing assistent at Bubblemedia.

Picture of Mathilde Frandsen

Mathilde Frandsen works in marketing after finishing her degrees in Marketing Management and International Sales and Marketing.

My job 

I deal with many different tasks: sales, developing and following-up on campaigns, direct mail and social media as well as brainstorming with the other employees and in networks. I also have a lot of contact with our customers, generating both new and additional sales.

I really like the variety of my job. There is a good mix of inquiries and hard leg-work. I never really know what each day is going to offer.

At the same time, we are a workplace with an unpretentious atmosphere, a high level of ambition and with many young people, who are good at helping each other. There is good energy.

Right now, I'm in a small company where I'm allowed to participate in many processes. I like that. I am working on becoming more self-reliant in terms of giving advice and brainstorming with customers. I can feel I am improving as I gain more experience Mathilde Frandsen 

My advice

Be open and see the opportunities. For instance, we had a lot of group work on the educational programme and, at first, it was annoying. But it taught me a lot about how to make collaborations work, despite it being difficult. That helps me in my job every day.

You really have to engage in the internships. It can help you get a job and it provides you with good experience.

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