Meet Bálint Révész

Bálint Révész from Hungary is a bachelor's degree student of Marketing Management at VIA University College. Gain insight in his experience here!

Meet Bálint

Who are you?

I am originally from Hungary and I came to Denmark almost two years ago to study Marketing Management at VIA University College in Horsens. I have always been interested in marketing. I started my own network marketing business when I was 17 and just knew that I had to study it.

Why Denmark?

The idea of studying in Denmark actually came from my parents. They heard good things about the country and study possibilities from a mutual friend, so they presented the idea to me and I quickly decided to seize the opportunity.

What surprised you the most about studying at VIA and in Denmark?

The biggest surprise was how approachable and responsive the teachers are. In the Eastern European education system, it’s impossible to have a word with the teacher outside of class, or to receive any additional help/feedback.

My advice

If you are about to move to Denmark, it is a great idea to find someone who already lives here and seems to find his/her way, then buy some drinks for that person and listen and take notes. Get the legal things right, and if you are planning to take on a student job - make sure to understand the tax system and start looking for a job as soon as you arrive.

Plans for the future

I hope to be able to start my own e-commerce business here in Denmark at some point. Denmark is a very entrepreneurial country with tons of rising start-ups and growing companies.

My internship has been the highlight of my studies Bálint Révész

Where did you do your internship?

I am doing my internship at Trendhim, a Danish design company located in Horsens. They design and distribute fashion accessories for men and won the award for Best International Internship Company in Denmark 2019. I have a lot of interest in e-commerce and being able to see behind the curtains of a company like Trendhim is just pure gold. I learned about marketing, supply chain, sourcing, B2B negotiation and much more and got some experience to add to my CV. My internship has been the highlight of my studies - The environment at Trendhim is very inspiring and allowed me to learn and grow.

Trendhim says:

“We believe that getting the right interns on board is just as important as hiring the right people. We have both Danish and international interns, but the Internationals provide invaluable local insight into some of our markets and the ones we have had from VIA has been a really great fit for us as a company"

-Daniel Baun, HR and Recruitment Manager, Trendhim

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