Maria is learning about sustainability and circular economy in an international environment

Meet Maria! Maria is 25 years old and is studying global business engineering at VIA's Campus Aarhus C. She is participating in an international circular economy project financed by Nordplus. With her group, she is developing a sustainable product and business model. 

Meet Maria

My name is Maria Skovsgaard. I am 25 year old and come from southern Jutland. I study global business engineering at VIA in Aarhus. Originally, I have a degree in farming, but chose to educate myself further, because I became increasingly interested in sustainability and especially the sustainable development of the agricultural sector. I wanted something where I could dive into and learn more about technical/engineering solutions, but at the same time was able to acquire skills within finance, marketing and general business management. Therefore, global business engineering was just right for me.

Maria's international project

I am in a group with students from Germany, Finland and Denmark. We are developing a granola bar, more or less based on residual products from production of other food items. We meet once per week online to work on our idea. Next step for us is to make a presentation video for our product.
Originally, we were meant to complete the project by meeting up in Riga, Latvia to, among other things, make a podcast, present our product to industri professionals, visit companies and have some social activities. But because of corona, most activities will be online, while we are planning a social study trip in the spring in stead.


It is a plus for my CV, but at the same time, I get the opportunity to create a network within my profession and get new friends outside of Denmark.Maria Skovsgaard

What did you learn?

It is awesome to work together in an international project group across borders and time zones. It is a plus for my CV, but at the same time, I get the opportunity to create a network within my profession and get new friends outside of Denmark. In addition, it is also super exiting to get to work with a high-profile topic such as circular economy and ia very hands-on way by creating a product of our own.

Your advice to others?

I would definitely advise other students to participate in international activities, if they get the opportunity during their studies. Even though it can be challenging and completely different from what they are used to, the process is fun, and you learn a lot about yourself and others. At the same time, you learn to solve challenges across cultural differences - and in this case, how to do it virtually. And last, but not least, it is awesome to get to meet the world and new people - I can't wait to meet my study group face-to-face!

Maria Skovsgaard

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