Neele Brauner went to VIA Summer School

Neele from Germany attended the Multi-storey Timber Construction Summer School at VIA University College.



I would recommend this experience to everyone Neele

Who am I?

I am 22 year-old Neele from Germany. I study at the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel. At my home university, I study Business Administration and I attended the Multi-storey Timber Construction summer school to get to know other fields of study.

Why did you choose to attend summer school and why in Denmark?

I chose to go to this summer school because I wanted an international experience and to work in a group of people with other nationalities.

Furthermore, I was excited to study a subject that is not related to my bachelor degree.

What surprised you about going to summer school and about studying in Denmark?

The most surprising thing was the way of teaching. The teachers were very open-minded and getting additional help wasn’t a problem.

If you were to describe your experience at VIA Summer School in three words…

  • Fun
  • Friends
  • Rain

What was the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge for me was studying a course that wasn’t related to my bachelor’s degree. Another challenge was working in a group with people I’d never met before and completing a group project within 2 weeks.

What was your best experience at summer school?

I think for me the best experience was getting to know people from other countries. And Aarhus is very beautiful.

Nice city, nice harbour and nice bars. Everyone—especially the VIA counsellors—were very helpful und open-minded.

Any advice for others considering attending summer school?

I would recommend this experience to everyone. Join the social programme and talk to people from Aarhus. They will recommend some nice places to visit during the two weeks. 

PS Bring a rain jacket or an umbrella to Aarhus!

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