Meet us virtually

Throughout the year, we are bringing VIA University College to you at a number of virtual events such as open house where you can meet staff and students, Q&A sessions on how to apply to VIA and what to do to prepare for studying abroad.

Other ways to meet VIA

Two students at VIA Horsens

Meet VIA in person

In addition to virtual events, it is also possible to meet us in person, for example at annual Open House events, by booking a guided campus tour or becoming student for a day at one of our programmes.
Meet us!
Cristofor Mamaliga

Meet international VIA students

What it is like to study at VIA? Our international students share their experiences on student life at VIA and in Denmark.
Meet them here

Career in Denmark?

Meet VIA graduates to learn more about what it is like to build a life and a career in Denmark after graduation.
Meet VIA graduates