Solve real-life challenges for organisations

This is how you can make a difference for an organisation.

Help organisations solve specific challenges and participate in projects across sectors.

Take part in Co-pilot innovation challenge

Co-pilot is a 48-hour innovation challenge for you, who would like to find optimal solutions, create something new and expand your network.

A private company or a public institution provides the topic for the innovation challenge. Co-pilot begins with a Boot Camp, where you learn a variety of innovation tools.

You spend the 48 hours at the company and you work together with company representatives and other students to solve the challenge.

Participating in Co-pilot gives you an opportunity to improve your skills in three main categories:

Working and thinking

  • gain the ability to think outside the box
  • develop your teamwork skills
  • increase your ability to work under pressure

People and presentation skills

  • improve your English language and presentation skills
  • learn how to pitch a suggestion or solution
  • learn how to conduct interviews

Accreditation and network

  • obtain a diploma from an innovation course
  • build connections with company representatives and students from different programmes
  • gain in-depth knowledge about a specific sector

Contact VIA Student Incubator on your campus and learn more about the next Co-pilot innovation challenge.