Insurance in Denmark 

When moving to Denmark, you should check up on your insurances to make sure you have the coverage you need in case of an emergency, as insurance in Denmark may be different from what you are used to at home.

Types of insurance

  • Denmark offers free and universal healthcare to all residents, however, in order to get access to healthcare, you need to have a CPR number and your yellow health insurance card. This may take a few weeks to get after you arrive in Denmark, so make sure you have alternative coverage for the first 2-4 weeks after arrival. This could be through your travel insurance. Note that not all expenses for e.g. medicine and dental care are covered through CPR. It is possible to purchase a private health insurance to cover some or all of these expenses as well. Most Danish insurance companies offer health insurance.

    If you are studying in Denmark for less than 3 months, you are not a resident and do not have access to the Danish healthcare system. You therefore must make sure that you are covered through your travel insurance.

  • If you are renting an apartment or a room in Denmark, it is recommended to have home contents insurance to protect your personal belongings from theft, fire or other damages. In fact, some landlords require you to have a home content insurance. Usually furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, and personal belongings such as jewellery or your bike are covered. Costs vary depending on the value of your belongings, your address and level of coverage.

  • Accident insurance in Denmark is a type of insurance that provides financial compensation in the event of an accident resulting in bodily injury or death. Accidents covered by this type of insurance can include accidents at work, traffic accidents, accidents that occur during leisure activities, and accidents that occur at home. Some employers provide accident insurance coverage for their employees, so check up on this, if you have a student job. Note that the insurance provided by your employer usually only covers accidents that occur at work. A personal accident insurance can provide additional coverage for accidents that occur outside of work or not covered by your employer's policy.

  • There are several things you need to do, if you are bringing your car to Denmark – go to the Danish tax administration website here to learn more about when and how to register your vehicle in Denmark. When it comes to insurance, you are obligated by law to have third-party liability insurance for your vehicle. This insurance covers damages caused by your car to other people or property in case of an accident. Costs depends on the coverage and the type of car you own. 

  • If you are bringing your pet to Denmark, it is recommended to have pet insurance to cover unexpected veterinary expenses or damages caused by your pet. While pet insurance is not mandatory in Denmark, it can provide financial protection in case your pet needs medical attention.

Applying for insurance in Denmark

When you have carefully considered your insurance needs, it is time to find an insurance provider and apply for your insurances. You can contact insurance providers directly through their websites or do to a comparison site as described below.

It is worth looking into trade unions. Some, such as the Danish Engineering Union IDA, offer affordable insurance packages to student members.

Depending on which type of insurance you are applying to, the insurance company may ask you to provide documentation. Common documents include ID (passport or driver’s license), proof of residency, proof of income, any relevant medical or health information and in the case of car insurance proof of ownership such as the registration certificate for your car.

After you have provided all the necessary documentation, the insurance provider will review your application and determine whether to approve it. If approved, you will receive confirmation of your coverage and policy details.

What to be aware of when choosing insurance

It can be hard to choose your insurance provider. Insurance companies offer varying coverage and prices. Therefore, it is highly recommended to shop around for quotes and looking carefully at the different policy options to find the right match for your needs at the best price. There are several websites where you can request quotes from different insurance providers, e.g. Forsikringsportalen or Samlino. Sometimes you can get a discount if you place all your insurances with the same company.