Socialising and growing your network

Life at VIA is much more than what goes on during class. Building a network and social activities are essential for your well-being and the success of your studies here. There are lots of ways to meet new people, both on campus and off, organised and informal, free activities and some that come with a fee. 


  • Most Danes are members of several clubs and associations, in fact, association membership is among the highest in the world. There are plenty to choose from in even the smallest communities and activities can be anything from sports to arts and culture.

    The cost of membership varies, but as an example a membership of a local soccer team costs from 500-1000 DKK for a season (6 months). Some sports facilities such as public swimming pools offer student rates.

    Student life

  • Our campuses are hosts to a huge variety of student organisations and clubs in which students get together to share an interest, which can be anything from cooking to various sports activities, mindfulness or literature. Keep an eye on the bulletin boards on your campus for information on student associations and organisations. On some campuses, the organisations host an inspiration day in the beginning of each semester, at which you can become acquainted with them. Read more about activities on campus on each local campus page here!

    Sports equipment on floor

    The Student Council

    At VIA you can also engage in the student political life and get to influence life at VIA. The student council is responsible for improving the quality of your student life and study environment – offering students a voice when it comes to the general development and operations of VIA. More about the Student Councils here.


  • In addition to VIA’s campus libraries, the Danish public libraries are worth a visit. Lending of books, journals, films, music and computer games is free and often libraries also host many free events such as film screenings, theatre performances etc. 

  • Some cities offer student houses open to all students in the city – Danish and internationals – and often host events specifically for international students e.g. parties, conversation clubs, language classes, field trips. Some student houses have cafes with student friendly prices.

    See more:

    Studenterhus Aarhus
    Student House 111, Viborg

    Studenterhus Aarhus

  • If socialising is hard for you as a student in a new country or maybe the culture and teaching methods differ from those you are used to, VIA offers counselling. All our campuses work with external partners, such as Headspace or The Student Counselling Service, which students can visit to talk about absolutely anything and no problem is too big or too small – and of course free of charge.

    Contact the student counsellor at your study programme to learn more.