What is it like to work in Denmark?

Danish work places are known for their flat hierarchies with great autonomy and responsibility for the individual employee, as well as an excellent work-life balance.
Here is everything you need to know if you are considering making a career for yourself in Denmark after graduation.

Open and informal working environment

At Danish workplaces, the relationship between employee and manager is generally relaxed and open – much as is the case between Danish students and lecturers.

Critical questions are encouraged and the culture is based on an open dialogue. As a result of this culture, individual employees are given a high degree of autonomy, but are also held responsible for their own area of work.

Ruxanda from Romania works as Project and Portfolio Manager at the engineering and consulting company Rambøll:


“I work in an open office space in a relaxed atmosphere, which fosters an “open door” culture and free discussions. Empowerment is one of the key values in the Danish workplace. I receive a lot of responsibility, but I am highly accountable for the results I produce.”

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Great work-life balance

Meet Irma
Denmark is widely known for having a great work-life balance with room and flexibility for having a life with family and friends outside of work. Combined with relatively high salaries, this makes Denmark an attractive place to settle down and build a career. It is true that the tax levels are quite high, but this also means universal access to free education and health care.

On average, a Danish workweek is around 37 hours and office hours are generally from 8-9 am to 4 or 5 pm, earlier on Fridays, leaving plenty of room to socialize with friends and family. In addition, Denmark has an effective public day care system that can accommodate families with working parents.

Irma from Lithuania is working as IT Project Manager at Arla Foods, Denmark’s largest dairy company:

"For me, there are so many great things about living and working in Denmark, but the three best ones are: Feeling valuable and appreciated at work, the social- and healthcare systems and good salary and work-life balance, which allows you to enjoy life and fulfil your dreams."

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Innovative environment

Denmark is among the frontrunners when it comes to architecture, design, construction and green development, so if you have an interest in working within one of these fields, Denmark is the place for you. Furthermore, there is currently a lack of educated candidates, especially in technical fields and engineering, so job opportunities are great.

In addition, there is a great entrepreneurial spirit and a good support and counselling system for individuals who want to start their own business.

Meet Bálint
Camila from Brazil is working as Constructing Architect at COBE Architects in Copenhagen:
“Denmark is a great place to work within design and architecture, as the country is really at the forefront of development within these areas.”

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Bálint from Hungary is currently studying Marketing Management at VIA:
“I hope to be able to start my own e-commerce business here in Denmark at some point. Denmark is a very entrepreneurial country with tons of rising start-ups and growing companies.”

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