If you have already passed a higher education

Please note that The Danish government has announced it will repeal the limitation to double studies. The Master’s admission rule is expected to be reinforced instead and the changes are planned to become effective by 1 March 2020. Information regarding the Master’s admission rule will be updated on this website as soon as we have knowledge about the new rules.

Following a political agenda to ensure less wasted resources in the area of higher education, the Danish government has enacted a rule that means that it is no longer possible to follow a second Danish programme on the same or lower level.

Thus if you complete a bachelor’s degree programme in Denmark, you can proceed to a master’s programme, but you cannot follow another Danish AP or bachelor’s degree programme.

The rule does not affect programmes completed in other countries.

The institution can grant exemptions from the prohibition against double degree if at least one of the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant cannot use the completed education on the labour market because of health conditions.
  • The completed education is finished at least 6 years before the commencement of study of the applied Academy Profession Programme or Professional Bachelor Programme.
  • The completed education is substantially changed or discontinued.

To apply for an exemption please fill in the application form (pdf) and send it by email to studieplads@via.dk or upload the form at optagelse.dk with your application.

If you would like to learn more about the rules and its few exceptions, please contact a student counsellor at your campus.