Find an available study place at VIA

After 28 July, you can see and apply for available study places here.

If you have applied to one or more of VIA’s study programmes through the common Danish application portal, you will be notified on whether you have been admitted or not 28 July at 00:01 AM.

At the same time, application for available study places opens and will be posted on this page.

Applying for an available study place

The deadline for applying to an available place is 5 August at 12 noon. 

Available study places are assigned based on an assessment of your qualifications based on a list of criteria or an admissions assignment and/or interview depending on which programme you are applying for:

Programmes with criteria:

  • Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management
  • AP degree in Construction Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Climate and Supply Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Software Technology

Programmes with admissions assignment and/or interview:

  • AP degree in Design, Technology and Business
  • Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling
  • Bachelor of Animation, Character Animation
  • Bachelor of Animation, Computer Graphic Arts

If available places remain after the application deadline, applications are evaluated according to the first-come-first-served principle. 

All applicants for available places will be notified on their admission no later than 10 August.

You must fulfil the admission requirements

When applying for an available study place, you must fulfil the admissions requirements for the relevant programme. If there are more applicants than places, we evaluate the qualifications of each applicant based on a number of criteria. 

The criteria are the same at all of VIA’s study programmes – except the ones that have admission assignments. 

We base our evaluation on: 

  • Grade point average of the qualifying exam 
  • The motivational letter
  • Work experience, including military service*
  • Other experience, e.g. studying abroad, other vocational education, voluntary work (duration of min. 3 months) * 

*This includes work experience and other experience in a period of max 12 months combined.

Frequently asked questions on available places

  • When there are places available, they will be visible further up on this page. You apply by finding the study programme you want to apply to and clicking the “Apply now” link. Application is digital, so prepare by having all your relevant documents available as pdfs before starting your application. The application deadline is 5 August at 12 noon.

    It is important that you know which study programme you want to apply for and that you have checked that you fulfil the admissions requirements.

    Learn more about admissions requirements at the webpage of the study programme you are applying to. See VIA’s full degree programmes here.

    Available places are assigned based on an evaluation of the qualifications of applicants or an admission assignment and/or interview. See more further up on this page.

    If you have applied to more than one available place at VIA University College, we consider your first application your first priority. We will only process your second priority, if we are not able to offer you a study place or stand-by place at your first priority. You will only be offered one study place. 

    If you want to change your priority, notify us in NemStudie.

  • Processing times depend on the individual application and which programme you have applied to.

    We send admissions letters/rejections continually as applications are processed, so expect to hear from us after the application deadline 5 August and no later than 10 August

    You can follow your application in NemStudie. This is also where we communicate with you about your application, e.g. messages from VIA about your application, and you are also able to contact us, if you have questions or comments about your application.

  • Before starting the digital application process, make sure you have all relevant documents ready. This includes documentation of qualifying exam, specific entry requirements and documentation of English language proficiency and the like. The documents must be uploaded in pdf format when filling in the application form. NOTE: Some study programmes assign places based on evaluation of qualifications. This may require extra documentation of your qualifications. 

  • Questions about a specific programme? 

    If you have questions about admissions requirements or the like at a programme with available places contact our admissions counsellors at or chat with us here. We are usually available on the chat Monday to Friday from 9-11 am and Monday to Thursday from 3.30-8 pm.

    Need technical assistance?

    If you need technical assistance for your application, write to

    Questions after submitting your application?

    If you have already submitted your application and need to get in touch with us, reach out through NemStudie, where you can also follow your application, or send us an e-mail at