Allocation of study start

At VIA, allocation of summer or winter study start is done according to wishes if possible. 

Please note!

VIA no longer offers winter start at our English taught programmes

If it is not possible to meet the wishes of all applicants, the allocation will be done by drawing lots.

If you wish winter study start for example, we will try to fulfil that wish when allocating study start for all admitted students to the study programme.

However, every year, we have more applicants for either summer or winter study start than we have study places for in some of our programmes and in these cases, we allocate by drawing lots.

It is not possible to take your grades, gender or age into consideration when we allocate study start to admitted students.

Special cases

In some special cases, we allocate summer and winter study start according to particular criteria. This will be the case if you are receiving unemployment benefit or your period of unemployment benefit expires just before study start.

If that is the case you can apply for allocation of study start according to the expiration of your period of unemployment benefit to make it possible for you to begin studying at the first given study start after the expiration of your period of unemployment benefit.

If you apply for a particular study start based on special criteria and we accept these criteria as something that needs consideration in the allocation process, we will try to allocate you the study start you wish for, but this will not always be possible.

Please note moving, resignations and alike are not considered special and will not be taken into consideration.

Whom do I contact?

If you want to apply for study start based on special criteria or if you have any questions regarding this you must send a message to VIA through NemStudie no later than 5 July at 12:00 noon.